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Co-ed of Steel? Supergirl goes undercover on a college campus to help Lois Lane uncover the truth behind a string of recent student disappearances! What they uncover, though, leads Supergirl directly into a confrontation with one of the DCU’s deadliest villains!


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  1. Chrisscross goes from Superman/Batman to this, I’m glad.

  2. Cool cover!

  3. Supergirl rules here! She didn’t fare so well in Smallville episodes, no one rally liked her and I think Clark was taken aback by her flamboyance and full-on attitude, apart from the fact she could FLY. I am enjoying this book. I also love the dc dynamics statue of supergirl which I have. Cool

  4. Even though the only great run out of these 65 issues was Sterling Gates’, I’ve become very attached to this book and to this version of Kara. As exciting as the reboot supergirl looks, I can’t help but feel very sad about losing this. This, along with Linda Danvers, will always be my supergirl.

  5. @360Logic  Dude, we seem to be on the same page with this and Batgirl.  I love the whole idea that DC is going with, but I will definitely miss the way these characters have worked over the past few years.

  6. we are going to miss this book 🙁

  7. @misterckent: I guess we can mourn these books together. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about them, but I really feel like Batgirl and Supergirl as we know them are going to be gone. For good. I just hope they can keep the fun atmosphere these books have moving forward. 

  8. Agree that Supergirl and Batgirl will be missed, and am simply not understanding Bryan Q. Millar being left out of the reboot. I thought he was going to be moved up, not out.

  9. I’m not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere, but that Subway add insert is the best worst thing ever. Aquaman says “I guess that’ll teach me to go swimming alone”. Seriously ? He’s f***ing Aquaman! The dialog reads like something my stoner newphew would write. I hope this wasn’t someone’s chance to break into comics. 

  10. I think I’d be dropping this book after this issue if they weren’t relaunching it in September. I thought this was a terrible issue, very clunky writing. I may not buy the last two issues of this run…

  11. Yeah, this was really bad. I wish this incarnation of Supergirl would go out with a bang instead of a wimper.

  12. @usagi  You think that one is bad, go look for Superman and the Nesquick Bunny (which is a full comic not an ad insert) or any of the tie in ads from the silver age.

  13. The art was pretty artocious, a 3 would be VERY generous, so I may even have to say a 2. The story was pretty good, a generous 4, but it could also be because I am still in love with the Supergirl charachter because of the Sterling Gates run, that will always be my Supergirl.  However, it is obvious that DC is trying out some new talent and I can respect that, but there is some magic missing as this title comes to a close before the reboot.

  14. Loved the art in this, can’t get enuf of Chrisscross, some great facial expressions in this by him, and there’s something very stylistic about his art that I like.

  15. Being my first Supergil comic I had high hopes for an excellent read–thankfully Deconnik did not disappoint. 

  16. I’ll second the praise for the art.  As for the story, it may just be that I was worn out from work, but I found it a little wordy and at times hard to follow.  In particular, the singing minstrel band got a little annoying towards the end.

    I’ll stick with the arc, but I’m actually looking forward to a new take on Supergirl.  I think we’ve had a good run, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a new direction for the book

  17. Some of the worst art I have ever seen!

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