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  1. Sad this won’t be Jamal Igle, but Gates has been knocking it out of the park so far on this title. Great Middleton cover, right there, too.

  2. I didn’t get last month’s issue because it was tied into Action which I just don’t enjoy anymore.  Did anything I need to know about happen other than Reactron being captured somehow???

  3. Those issues weren’t bad, robbydzwonar. I dropped Action pretty early on, but it was worth picking them up for that little crossover.

    Not to spoil anything, but Reactron was captured and there was some movement on a few subplots.

  4. I read half of the Action part and fell asleep both times I tried to read it.  Maybe I should pick up last month’s issue of Supergirl also if I can scrape up enough jingle to put in the Penny Arcade at TD Bank, LOL!!!

  5. This was a great issue. Gates has got some chops. I am very much looking forward to his  run on Kid Flash.

  6. Fantastic issue. Best issue in a while, in fact. I got really bored of this title during those random crossovers but it’s the self contained Supergirl stuff that Gates does really well that makes this title so good. Even the new artist was great. Gates’s Kid Flash is going to be awesome.

  7. This was awesome. 5/5 from me. Great story and Camp’s art is different but very in line with Igle’s. Awesome stuff.

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