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Excellent, excellent, excellent!

We’ve seen little of Alura these past few months. She’s sprinkled here and there but this issue showed us there is more to her icy exterior than we thought.

We see her in the early years with Zor-El and how their relationship blossomed. We see them in a flashback trapped in the bottled city as Superman squares off with Brainiac. We see her now on New Krypton struggling with what to do with Reactron.

And although I suspected it, when the reveal at the end came, the way it was handled was so well done that it complimented everything that came before.

This issue of Supergirl may be one of my favorites of the run, which is strange because Kara is barely in it. But as a stand alone story and a character piece…well done!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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