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  1. All I know is that the best Super-title going should be kicking butt!

  2. ok i’m only reading Supergirl right now. Anybody wanna tell me what this Codename Patriot is about

  3. I’m still not completely sold on this book, but it’s definitely better than Action.

  4. @RoiVampire

    The short answer is: General Zod had an assassination attempt on New Krypton, the assassin fled to Earth, Superman and Supergirl followed him.

  5. I’m coming up close on only pulling this and WONK after Codename: Assassin is over.  Superman sucks because Mon-El is corney and Action is getting way too expensive now.  $4 for Detective is one thing, but ACTION and Adventure??  I’m not so sure…  Maybe I should drop Action for Adventure which hasn’t had much of a chance yet..

  6. Picking this up for the crossover

  7. I don’t feel like two more parts can possibly wrap up this crossover.

  8. I don’t think this current crossover isn’t exactly the entire overarching story…   or whatever, bedtime.  Comics tomorrow!! YES

  9. I am not particularly fond of the artwork in this issue.  Is this representative of the work Igle has been doing in this book?

    Could someone explain what happened with Supergirl and Superwoman?  I didn’t read those issues. 

  10. @stuclach I think someone different must be inking Igle, or he was pressed for time. A few of the figures are off model and  Ral-Dar looked contorted and overweight in splash page/title page. As for Supergirl/Superwoman, essentially Supergirl got in a big fight with Superwoman and ruptured her suit. I forgot off hand, but the suit was responsible for giving Lucy Lane her powers and keeping her alive, so when SG ruptured the suit, it killed Lucy Lane. End of story. I forget the specifics.

    @magnum It’s not meant to. It’s the launching point for the second half of New Krypton line.

    I liked this a lot. More than most people it seems. 4/5 for me and my POTW.  

  11. @PraxJarvin – I assume Lucy Lane is Lois’s sister.  That explains why Lois was pissed.  

    I thought the story was decent, but the art brought the book down to a 3 for me.

  12. This was great, a lot of fun and it started to bring things together that little bit more. And what a great last page, cant wait for the next Patriot issue.


  13. Lots of fun.

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