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  1. If her murdering Agent Liberty wasn’t enough, I guess this cover confirms that Superman is evil.

  2. @conor I’m guessing that was a typo and you mean superwoman.


    also i can’t beleive i’m pulling supergirl after new krypton, but damn she’s an awesome character

  3. All of the super books are brilliant right now!

  4. I’m not all that interested in superwoman. i hope this issue makes me give a damn about her.

  5. Thats a great cover.

  6. I never in a milliom years thought I’d be pulling Supergirl! Wow!

  7. SuperGirl is a HOT MAMA!!  OOPPS!! Can I say that on this site?!

  8. @robbydzwonar – sure you can. If you’re under eighteen…;-)

    My former LCS (Superfamiliy-übernerd) is going crazy about the resurgence in Supergirl readers, and I can’t blame him. The book is awesome!

  9. Anyone care to guess whether we’ll see Kara back in Metropolis?  I mean, she JUST got a new secret identity and a new job … and then she ran away with her mom. 

  10. Maybe someone can help me because I can’t remember……why did Superwoman kill Agent Liberty?

  11. cant believe i am getting supergirl but after New Krypton im excited to see whats going to happen with her

  12. @roadcrew: Agent Liberty was snooping around whereever Gen Lane and Luthor have been hangin, and Superwoman caught him. Didn’t even give the guy a chance, just a double shot to the head.

  13. So I’m going to go ahead and say this issue confirms Superwoman is Thara(in my mind).  Just thought I’d put that out there.

  14. Is Thara Superwoman or is she a super red-herring? 

  15. Didn’t Kara have a split personality thing going on several issues back? Maybe this is what is going on with her mom and she doesn’t know it.

  16. Just had another thought…..Why do I have the feeling that maybe we will be seeing Agent Liberty in Blackest Night!!!

  17. Has Superwoman been seen by anyone else besides Kara? Maybe Superwoman is her split personality & she doesn’t know, Fight Club style?

  18. Thara could be a red herring but even the way he draws them the have similar features.  On top of whenever thara needed to find kara superwoman just shows up.  That fight club idea would be cool though…

  19. Yeah, Thara definitely feels TOO obvious. Unless Gates is just a really shitty writer (which does not seem to be the case thus far). I don’t think there would be so much secrecy if it wasn’t someone we already know on some level? 

  20. Is this issue Part 11 of New Krypton?

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