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  1. As much as I’ve liked Alex Ross’ covers on this story line, this is a pretty cool cover.  

  2. yeah i was just about to say this is probably the best supergirl image i’ve seen since the characters reboot


  3. I agree.  hope this is better than the last Supergirl issue.  It wasn’t bad, but not great

  4. I love Jamal Igle but was considering dropping this book after the New Krypton arc as the first act really wasn’t doing it for me.  The last 2~3 pages of the previous issue definitely reignited my interest for the time being.

  5. Wicked cover!

  6. Holy Shiz, is supergirl the #2 pull right now? Craziness… but then again I did pull it too.

  7. I think I might buy this just for the cover!

  8. How old is she in this arc?  I personally believe she would be a more interesting character if she would move past the needy, momma’s girl teenager we are seeing here and became a force in the DCU.  So far she has seems pretty superfluous in the New Krypton arc.  It felt like she had more to do in the Brainiac arc.

  9. How long is the "New Krypton" story going to be?

  10. JesseG – New Krypton is going to last through a good portion of 2009, if not all of it.  This particular story which is setting up the New Krypton status quo is 10 parts.

  11. i can’t do it, i can’t buy this again

  12. It’s official, I’m buying this comic for the cover alone.

  13. @stuclach: Couldn’t agree more dude!

    This cover is great, except for her god-awful outfit! C’mon, mid-drift shirt, really, does it help her fly faster…WHATS THE DEAL? I haven’t read the newest Action Comics issue yet, but I hope they fix it, maybe she’ll get that superwoman outfit?

  14. @conor: So it’s exactely like SI going into Dark Reign? Like this is just a (or considered) preview for the new status quo next year? Wow….gald I dropped this then. 🙂

  15. You know what? I hate that outfit, but it works here. I’m not sure why the outfit works but I know why the anatomy is great! Believably-sized boobs. Believably-shaped hips.

    And check out the line work. This what Larroca is trying to do in Invincible Iron Man but failing.

  16. cut!

  17. I couldn’t care less about the mid-riff thing, because she’s a proportionate girl.

  18. I love how people get so up in arms about Supergirl’s midriff showing.  Have you seen the way teenagers dress lately?

    @TNC: New Krypton is different from SI and Dark Reign because New Krypton only effects the Superman books, just like Battle for the Cowl will only effect the bat-books, so if you don’t read those books, you can easily avoid them without it affecting the rest of the DCU.  While Dark Reign, SI and even Final Crisis are large events that have ramifications for the entire universe.  So there’s a difference.   Let the argument begin…. 😉

  19. @PatK – That is exactly what I was thinking.  That Superwoman outfit looks very cool and would not make her look like a prosti-tot (its easier if you say it out loud).

  20. @stulach~  My line of thinking is that this storyline is meant to get her to a more prominent place in the DCU.  Last issue, with her Kryptonite poisoning cured, I think her power levels has increaed dramatically, and I think after New Krypton, the main storyline in her book will be figuring out who Superwoman is, and maybe, donning the outfit herself.  We’ll have to see.

  21. @Neb – That sounds very promising.  I hope it plays out that way.  I hope you are enjoying your time off following finals (or are yours this week?).  I finished grading mine last week and am in the office working on a couple of journal articles while wishing I was at home reading.  May your break be filled with solid comics.

  22. @Kory: Oh I know I can avoid them…and that’s what I will be doing. Other then Superman: Origins (how can I pass up a Johns/Frank team up?) I will not be picking up any more Sups titles in the future.

    But again, this is exactely like Secret Invasion going into Dark Reign. I know it’s only going to effect 3-4 titles at most….but still, this storyline isnt going to have an offical end. It’s gonna tell us to pick up the next issues of Superman, AC, Supergirl, Adventure Comics, and Sups: Origin to get the meat of the new status quo…Instead of doing it in the actual 10 part crossover they have been hyping the last couple of months. Why is DC going the Marvel route with their storytelling?

  23. @TNC- A company wide event is way different from an event that only takes place in a family of books.  You can’t compare the two.  New Krypton is a storyline within the Superman family, while SI and Dark Reign are company wide events that effect every book.  If Green Lantern was the only book I was reading from DC, I wouldn’t have to worry about New Krypton interfering with the GL book.

    Another example, X-Men has events/storylines all the time that encompass all their books, but the average reader isn’t required to buy them unless they are an X-Men reader.  They take place in the X-books without affecting other books like Spider-Man or Fantastic Four. 

  24. NIce to see Middleton’s art again, feels like it’s been a while…

  25. @TNC-Its not new what they are doing.  Some big event happens that leads to new stories.  It always leads to new stories.  Everything doesn’t just end after the event is finished. 

  26. Maybe it’s just the idea that I need to pick up 5 titles after this event that makes me mad. I’m sorry, I know there are reprecussions of an event and it doesnt solely end in the arc itself…But still, I dont want to pay all of that money just to see what happen to supergirl or superman…I wanna know in the event itself so at least I can decide on whether picking up Supergirl is a good idea.

  27. I’m confused, when did the middrift of lovely blonde girls become something men don’t like…?

  28. "I’m confused, when did the middrift of lovely blonde girls become something men don’t like…?"

    When it borders on pederasty.

  29. Supergirl doesn’t look like a boy to me, so not sure why you would say it borderes on pederasty.  I think the word you were looking for was ‘pedophelia’

  30. @ jumpingjupiter Nah, Supergirl has a job at a newpaper, and a secret identity, she’s 21 as far as I’m concerned. 

  31. @Drake: Yes of course. Curse this english as second language!

  32. see, the only girls who wear the mid riff shirts anymore are the girls that shouldnt.  and i think that Supergirl is hot in this outfit, just like the one with the white t-shirt.  the rest were just frumpy

  33. "see, the only girls who wear the mid riff shirts anymore are the girls that shouldnt"

    hahaha, that is totally true.  Thats all I see around where I live.

  34. the kind that you see you immdiatly cringe and know that someone, somewhere, is punching a small child who doesnt desrve it in the face

  35. "New Krypton only effects the Superman books, just like Battle for the Cowl will only effect the bat-books"  YES!! I love it that way! I think Superman books should be in their own continuity, Batman books should be in their own, Green Lantern comics should be in their own, etcetera, etc.  I hate how there has to be one all big all knowing DC Universe.  It just screws up all the good stories that we could be reading right now instead of continually trying to understand what the hell Final Crisis is about!  If DC does a reboot, and they probably will in the next decade if they’re smart, that’s what they should do this time.  I’m pretty sure that there are others out there who agree…

  36. I’m with Robby. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth when the publisher makes you feel like you’re missing out.

  37. I don’t generally knock the artwork in a book, because I KNOW I can’t even come close, but there was some really rough art in this issue.  The panels where Kara is running to her father are pretty bad.  Particularly, Kara’s face looks way too round and blurry/smudged (for lack of better words).

    The story is fairly interesting, but with only two issues left it feels like they need to cover a lot of ground to make this arc feel significant.  I know Kara’s dad died and there is a nice parrallel there to Clark’s dad dying, but I didn’t feel any real attachment to Zor, so it was hard to feel the emotional response they seemed to be going for.  I sincerely hope they don’t just cram everything into the last two issues in the shoddy fashion of Secret Invasion (my opinion, no offense).

  38. Yeah, its become incredibly apparent that this crossover is just setting up for the new status quo and not actually going to tell a great story in its own right.

    It was an alright issue, I agree the art was choppy at times.  I really don’t get Supergirls mom at all.  What a confusing character she turned out to be.

  39. The only issue I have enjoyed so far of New Krypton was the special. The rest has been horrendous in my opinion. It’s sad since Action Comics was my favorite series going into this event. Dropping the whole event.

  40. Who is this Superwoman brawd? Anybody have any idea?

  41. @robbydzwonar: It’s meant to be a mystery that will be solved in a storyline after New Krypton.

  42. Its probably either the head of the security forces, or Supergirl’s mom.  We haven’t even met any other Kryptonians, so who else could it be?

  43. solidly meh

  44. I thought this issue was pretty good. Way better than last issue of Supergirl, even if it was still a little too teen-soap-opera-melo-dramatic for my tastes. At least it didn’t feel like a completely different story to the other 2 Supes books, like the last Supergirl issue did.

    @Champ — You complained this issue isn’t a story in-itself because it doesn’t really end & leads to other stories/comics — mate, that’s how 99% of super hero comics are! Not just the "Marvel way of story telling." 

  45. @wade: Well now I’m realising this, but it’s pissing me off to no end anyways.

    Sorry if you guys can handle the fact that your not gonna see an actual ‘end’ to this story. You gotta wait a good year to see every single aspect of this story get explained in 5 (count em, 5!) seperate Sups titles to get the ending. I’m just gald I dropped this so many parts ago, cause trust me friend, I am not gonna get fooled by the Secret Invasion style of storytelling again.

  46. About your birthday party… uhm. I can’t make it.

  47. @TNC-seriously, stop complaining about this man.  We know you don’t like it, you say it all the time, we get it.  move on

  48. I’m still hooked on the whole story (New Krypton), and this issue moved it closer to the boiling point quite nicely. 

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