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  1. Boy, Gates and Igle can’t come on this title fast enough.

  2. Ok, I admit I am new to this title — I came on board with Will Pfeifer’s issue last month, which I thought was a really nice and reflective story — so maybe I am just confused, but several things struck me as odd:

     — Does the cover actually have nothing to do with the story?  I realize I’m coming in on part three, but what do Wonder Woman, Batman, and the other Justice Leaguers and heroes depicted have anything to do with the dying kid?

     — Shouldn’t Kara’s story of how her parents refused to hang on to her and were willing to let her go inspire the dying boy’s mother to do exactly the opposite of what she really does?  I guess Kara was telling her "hang on to your kid" — but it seemed obvious to me that Kara is living proof that sometimes letting go in the face of death is for the best.

     Just my two quatloos. 🙂

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