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adrian03/09/08NoRead Review


  1. I used to read this title but quit around issue #13 or so. Did it ever get good? I felt that it as directionless and had no purpose. I like the character and would be interested in picking it up again if it was decent. 

  2. I just started picking this book up after flipping through issue 24 (Ghosts Of Krypton). The book seemes a bit lighthearted, and reads to me like JLU or all ages book, which is not a bad thing. The art team on this book though– wow. I realy really like the art.

     I’ll most likely drop the book when the team leaves.

  3. This was the first issue of Supergirl that I’ve read in awhile that I really enjoyed.  I like where this is going!  I hope the setup pays off.

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