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Supergirl is a title I’ve been following for the past year and have
been enjoying the series fairly well considering the fact that DC has
switched the creative teams on a number of occasions. You would think
that a title that continued to rely on guest appearances from Superman
and Batman would be a bad sign, but somehow they are making it work,
and work really well.  Batman and Superman were the ones that found
Kara back in the day, and the story reflects that with Kara trying to
figure out how both would react in the situations she gets herself in
and how usually she ends up doing neither due to her inexperience.

current storyline has Kara testing her mettle and moral compass.  In the previous issue during
one of her escapades with Superman, she found herself unintentionally
putting her foot in her mouth when she gives a boy false hope instead
of the relief she was trying to spread from the danger they were in. 
In this issue, her will to make her words right, and not disappoint the boy is
admiring, and the twist that comes for wanting to help this one boy is
an interesting one.

It’s unfortunate that she’s not on the Teen Titans anymore as that probably would’ve been a good title to help round Kara out as a character, but her series does do a good enough job of being entertaining and pushing her limits.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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