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Careful what you wish for! Kara may have found a home away from Earth, but it’s at a price that Superboy will have to pay to a major Superman foe!

Story by Michael Alan Nelson
Art by Diogenes Neves, Marc Deering, Oclair Albert, & Ruy Jose
Colors by Dave McCaig & Daniel Brown
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Mahmud Asrar

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Cool cover. Very Mignola.

  2. This series has been one of my favorites of the New 52. I was never a Supergirl fan, but Green & Johnson created a Kara I can get behind.

    Still giving Nelson a chance, but you can’t deny Asrar!

  3. I really loved issue 20 – it was funny – but issue 21 went back to blandness again. I was hoping this was going to be the start of a great run but maybe it was just beginner’s luck.

  4. Only DC title I still read, love it.

  5. Last ish was ok. Lots of great elements and I love the world building. I do feel like I miss her relationship with her new friends. H’el took that away from the title and just hasn’t gotten it back.

  6. This and Earth 2 are the only DC books I still pick up regardless of how big the week is. Asrar’s art alone has been reason enough for me.

  7. So Mahmud Asrar confirmed that issue #20 was his last issue, so that’s a bummer.

    But when you think about it…18 out of 21 issues drawn by him is a quite a feat for any artist these days, much less one done in the ever-increasingly hostile environment of the new 52. That right there makes Supergirl one of the standout titles of the new 52, along with Wonder Woman and All-Star Western.

    I do wonder if Diogenes Neves is the permanent replacement, or just filling in. I’ve enjoyed his run, as while his style is not aping Asrar, it is complimentary to it. A nice transition.

    That being said, I’m definitely ready for a new story that doesn’t deal with rebuilding Krypton. Hopefully they have one in the works sooner or later.

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