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When The Market Is Flooded With Competition And The Authorities Are Always On Your Tail, What’s An All-American Supervillain To Do?

Go To Spain, Of Course!

From The Writer Who Brought You Kick-Ass And The Artist Of Secret Invasion Comes A New Series About A Team Of Superpowered Ne’er-Do-Wells Looking To Pull Off One Last Heist In The Land Of Bullfighting And Delicious Churros.

Story by Mark Millar & Nacho Vigalondo
Art by Leinil Yu & Gerry Alanguilan
Colors by Sunny Gho
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Leinil Yu & Dave Gibbons

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Leinil Yu is a comic god! I am always surprised when I don’t hear anyone talking about him.

  2. Marvel shouldn’t be putting a book that’s synopsis reads “when the market is flooded…”

  3. Capital Letters Are Awesome!
    I will give this a go but between Kick Ass 2, Superior and Nemesis, I have really gone off Millar.

  4. Is this going to take as long and than have as rushed a last issue as Superior ? Another brochure for the movie companies from Millar ? I thing I’ll wait for some reviews, and if its good go for the trade.

    • Yeah, ditto. It’s only a four issue run anyway so if the reviews are good then I’ll probably pick up the trade. I think it’s a decent premise and might be a lot of fun, but I can’t afford to buy stuff on the basis of hope!

  5. I’m more interested in the Yu art. Love his style!

  6. Is it wrong I’m just gonna check this out because the chick character looks hot?

    • Right or wrong, don’t fret, it’s part of the marketing. In other words, they throw out the bait and you were taken hook, line and sinker. Who knows, it may be a good story too.

  7. Fun enough to bring me back for number 2.

  8. Wow this was actually pretty damn good

  9. Yu’s art is something to marvel at, a real treat. I’ll be back for number 2, I like Millar’s concept.

  10. Thing I’m most excited for = the Millar/Quitely book!

  11. I liked this quite a bit, even though it is mostly a set-up issue. The art was terrific and very realistic. The story was easily interesting enough for me to get #2. Sort of a caper movie in comic form. Think The Italian Job with super-villains instead of Mini Coopers.

  12. How is Leinil pronounced? In my head it’s like Lionel (but more the son on the Jeffersons than Lionel Richie).

  13. I can see a movie coming out of this mini-series in a few years.

    • So can Mark Millar.

      “In fact, a comic Millar hasn’t even produced a single issue of yet – Supercrooks, another tale about super villains, this time in the vein of Ocean’s 11 – is apparently going to be directed by Spanish director Nacho Vigalando. ”

    • This is a rather common practice in the comics/film industry at this time. Radical comics comes to mind. So we can stop pretending that this only done by Mark Millar.The comics are a promotion for the movies and the movies are a promotion for the comics. I got no problem with that if the quality is high.

    • @iroberts007: Who is pretending it’s only Mark Millar?

    • The only time this conversation ever comes up online.. it only addresses Millar books. At least thats the only time ive seen it. More to the point, lots of people believe it to be a phenomenon that only involves Millar books. Im just saying it seems to be a trend in modern comics that may become a rule rather than exception. Obviously you know better. I just want everyone to know better. Because frankly i find this broken record annoying.

    • Many people have criticized Millar for doing books that only serve as movie pitches. this is not uncommon as has been said and is certainly the business model for Radical and others (many image books too) but Millar has responed to this by pointing out at this point in his career, after the huge success of Wanted and the mild success of Kick-Ass, he really doesnt need a comic to sell a movie, he can easily get pitch meetings and has enough experience to sell the idea without a comic. he makes less money writing a 6 issue comic than he would writing a screenplay and the artist of the comic gets an ownership stake if its adapted. He writes these as comics because he likes to write comics, he certainly likes the movie money (who wouldn’t) but it isnt the reason for these series.

    • @irobers007 & abstractgeek: No one has said otherwise in this particular discussion.

    • Im aware that i was stretching my point. It was just the only opportunity ive had to make this particular point. I Dont mean to be an ass.and Abstractgeek.. your entirely correct but the problem is there are quite a few people that just choose to believe Millar is lying. Thats why i just stated that hes not the only one.. cause that can not be disputed. I believe that Millar likes writing comics and is good at that.. i also believe he can do what he wants with the rest of his life. Whether or not thats with film or anything else…Its none of my business.

  14. It was fun and the art was great!! However it was a little annoying that they did a two page spread of just the title….comics are expensive and thats a waste of two pages…..Other than that I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

    • Hickman does those title spreads all the time in his creator-owned stuff.

    • not a waste at all. It sets a mood, its designed presentation and gives respect to the creative team by dedicating a space to their credits, instead of just stuffing it in an afterthought corner. As long as you get your 20+ pages of content why does it matter? Plus without having the book in front of me and because of the way saddle stitched book pagination works, it was probably 2 left over pages that they needed to do something with anyways…my point is it did not add to the cost in any way.

    • I hear what you’re saying (especially about the mood) but it was in the middle of the issue and there were no credits on it just the title of the book. Didn’t count the story pages so you may be right there as well. At any rate still not a fan of it I guess.

    • oh well that sounds different from how i’ve usually seen it done in past millar books. I dunno. drama, design. i’m all for presentation and that stuff. Too many of our comics are presented in template formats.

  15. I know it’s silly, but on the cover Kasey’s star tattoos are on her right side in the book they are on the left, Oops

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