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Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, have you ever woken up to discover that you’ve given in to your evil side and taken over your hometown? Superboy has. And as much as he wishes it were just a dream, the stakes are all too real!

Guest-starring Lex Luthor, Tim Drake, and introducing “The New Titans!”

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Interesting. So is this still a Doomsday tie-in? Cause Rudy was artist for the last tie-in issue.

    I hope it’s a lot better though then last months. Cause that was a huge stinker. 

  2. With Gallo on art and the first arc over, I’ve given this book a chance and am really not sure how this got nominated for any awards.  I’m off this one.  Supergirl is where it’s at.

  3. Dammit, I wish that I could believe this was gonna be good…

  4. yeah its so not going to be a tie-in i think.

  5. My only DC book this week. But the cursed Super-crossovers are almost never good.

  6. This book has been pretty awesome. I am really digging it. I loved the issue where he raced Kid Flash.

  7. I really dislike Marco Rudy as an artist

  8. Can’t…stop….clubbing baby…seals…with human…toddlers.

    Honestly though I can’t comprehend how Supes putting on a leather jacket suggests the he’s evil. If Superboy did in fact turn evil, the residents of Smallville would all be dead before Clark could even arrive on the scene.

  9. Man this week for comics sucks.  This is the highest pulled book I’m getting and while I haven’t read last issue, the art of it looked like major garbage.  Hopefully FCBD will hold something worthwhile.

  10. This series has went from very fun to very boring.  Probably gonna drop soon.

  11. I love this, and it was my understanding it has nothing to do with Doomsday that was just last issue. I have a feeling this slow build is going to pay off.

  12. I love the character, but Gallo’s art is really taking me out of this book.  I would love it if coer artist, Karl Kessel would take over interiors.  He would be a great fit.  DC has the oppertunity to make this their “Invicible”.

  13. Spell Check: Kerschel.

  14. @TheLastSon21  Gallo isn’t on this book anymore.

  15. Please, please, please, get a good artist for this book. Like many, I picked this up because I liked Johns’s and Manapal’s run in Adventure Comics. I like Lemire’s story telling but the art has been horrible from day one. This is also the only current Super family book I’ve been reading and I could really do without the “Doomsday” tie-ins.

  16. I don’t get all the Gallo hate.  I liked the artwork in this book.  Marco Rudy is a scribbler, though.

  17. i dropped this book an issue back 100% because of the art.I was enjoying the stories for the most part, but i just couldn’t spend money on a book with that level of subpar art in it. The anatomy was always off, the coloring always looked like stage makeup. It was just was too much. A real shame because this book could have been special. 

  18. I’m going to give this another few issues and if it still doesn’t grab me, I’m dropping it.
    I completely agree with whoever mentioned the anatomy. Sometimes Connor looks like he’s about 40 and other times just plain wrong.

  19. I thought this issue looked beautiful. I loved the dream stuff.

  20. I didn’t like most of the art. But it was competent. I still thought the story was fun.

  21. Karel Kessel was great on this book. It is fun

  22. First real clunker of this series. Was confused most of the time. Was this a Doomsday tie-in? A Flashpoint tie-in? Both? Neither? Way too much going on here, and at the same time nothing much at all is really happening. Frustrating read.

  23. Awesome art.  Loved these last two issues and can’t wait for more.

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