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Get ready for the first-ever Superboy/Kid Flash race! Bart Allen may have the speed, but Conner Kent has the power – who will win?! Meanwhile, a dangerous threat is nipping at their heels, one that may mean the end for Superboy, Kid Flash and all of Smallville!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. …How old is Superboy on that cover?

  2. @Minion  What you don’t realize is that running at hypersonic speed has prematurely aged Conner Kent.  It’s the same phenomenon that has caused Kid Flash to grow breasts.  That, or it could just be lousy art. 

  3. I like Superboy as a character, but not as much in his own series as I have in the Teen Titans.  This is severely close to the drop zone.

  4. @Minion:  Maybe the wind he’s kicking up is the rippling up in his face like skydivers get.

    I’m holding on through Reign of Doomsday starting next issue.

  5.  i really like the story on this….i hope the art gets better. If Gallo gives Conner a fannypack (complete the awkward foreign exchange student look) then i’m out. ha

  6. My money’s on Krypto winning the race.

  7. More “great” examples on why Eddy Barrows is a “great” artist.

    I’m excited to see this. Sure the race has been redone before and parodied a lot. But I think Lemire is gonna do something special with this.

  8. Can someone do me a favor and tell me if this is worth picking up later?

  9. Wake me up when Pier Gallo is not doing the art, please.

  10. I’m gonna make a bold statement and say this might be the best Superman related book for DC right now. Not to say I don’t love Action Comics right now, but Jeff Lemire is really doing a lot of great things with the characters here. The action and mystery are really in the background while the series is all about Connor trying to deal with his problems in Smallville and his love life. Plus I really do like Gallo’s artwork even if it can be wonky at points.


  11. TNC: That is a bold statement.  Action and Supergirl are both better, however.

  12. I hate this art right now, i can barely even stand to look at the cover, please tell me they’re moving to another artist soon

  13. love the writing, highly disappointed with the art. @TNC–Action Comics is much better for me, although its much different. 

  14. really liked the story but will be better with a new artist, seems i’m not alone.

  15. Thought the story was good and art was….well…… just not good enough for the price we pay for these books. Lets get the artwork fixed and this could be a good book, Thats pretty much what we are all saying I think?

  16. Overall I liked this issue, but I gotta ask… did the citizens of Smallville just sit by patiently when Bart and Conner pulled over in the middle of the race and had their heart to heart?

  17. The art is killing me. I have to read this in chunks cause the art keeps pulling me out of it.

  18. @Skyfire124  Yes they did.

  19. @conor  I know I always enjoy watching track and field events where in the middle of the 100 yard dash, the racers pull off to the side of the track and start talking about the latest breakup.  That’s good money there!   😉

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