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• Superboy discovers he is more than a clone—but what is the shocking secret behind his origin and birth?

Story by Scott Lobdell
Art by R.B. Silva & Diogenes Neves
Cover by Ardian Syaf

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Going to peruse this at the LCS, if it opens up with 14 blocks of “I was created by…N.O.W.H.E.R.E….” narration on the opening page I’m dropping it.

  2. I picked this up because it was not written by Tom DeFalco! Haven’t read it yet, but seeing DeFalco’s name not on it was a positive sign.

    Can’t say I’m too thrilled about Justin Jordan taking over, though. The only thing I’ve read by him was the dull zero issue of Team 7, though I know he has his fans.

  3. So Superboy is the clone of Superman and Lois’ son from the future? Kinda crazy.

  4. It won’t let me write a review so I’ll just leave my comment here:
    Lobdell cannot write time-travel stories, and he needs to stop trying. I liked H’el on Earth but this issue made me want to punch Lobdell in the dick. Spoiler Alert! Harvest reveals he is from the 30th century and hates metas because they killed his son. So he travels all the way back to the 21st century (by passing the event that his son actually dies in by a millenia) to kill Superman … because wtf. And it turns out Superboy is actually Jon Lane Kent (!) so H’el was wrong as fuck about him being a clone destined for psychopathy. And didn’t Harvest meet some Legionnaires from the 31st century who were metas but, you know, saved the universe about a dozen tuimes over so his crusade to kill off all the metas is destined to doom the universe. Making why he saves the planet in Legion Lost a big freaking mystery. And if he has this hatred for metas that is soooo big why did he dump Artemis into the colony or whatever it was … she wasn’t meta. She was just human, you know like the people Harvest was supposed to be fighting against the metas to save. Good job there, Harvest. You suck at saving people.
    Scott Lobdell, stop writing time travel stories.

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