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In SUPERBOY #11, Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo bring the saga of “The Hollow Men” to its explosive conclusion!

Superboy, Lori, Simon and Psionic Lad must fight for the very soul of Smallville hundreds of miles beneath the town’s surface!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. The last issue was pretty good with the mix of artists telling a good Phantom Stranger/Tannarak. I hope this final issue ends strong.

  2. @ TheNextChampion. I actually subscribe to this directly from DC, so periodically I will get the issue prior to it coming out on Wednesday. That was the case with this issue. No Spoilers, but I was very happy with the conclusion and felt it really capped off a great run by Lemire.

  3. Yeah there were some rough patches especially with the art but this run has been a pretty fun ride. Lemire has done a really great job with Superboy and all the other characters he was able to bring in to this. Always excited to see Phantom Stranger in story arc so that was fun.

  4. Great ending to the storyline, but for an ending for the book and the ending of this version of the character it was pretty weak. Hopefully he will get a better send-off in Teen Titans.

  5. Good ending, but it definitely had to get rushed to get Lemire’s ultimate message of the book. Also, the Psionic Lad storyline was completely dropped and it will never be brought up again. Shame.


  6. Great run! Kinda bummed it’s over but looking forward to seeing superboy in the new 52 line up

  7. pretty good run…fun stuff all around. i agree some stuff felt a bit edited out due to the reboot, but overall i was satisfied with it. I really love reading Lemire take on some fun superheroes like Superboy and the others in that little micro-verse. The gallo art got progressively better, but its still wasn’t for me.

    also thanks for bringing the Phantom Stranger into a current book….one of my favorite underused characters.

  8. Good run. I really like the end and how it references the first issue. I agree with everyone concerning Psionic Lad’s story being dropped, but it certainly was a fun series.

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