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Hunted through the streets of Gotham City, her former teammates on the Suicide Squad in relentless pursuit – Harley Quinn is out of friends, out of luck and out of time. Will Harley find The Joker before the Squad finds her?

Place your bets, people: It’s Harley Quinn vs. the Suicide Squad!

Plus: Harley’s origin revealed – it ain’t pretty!

Written by Adam Glass
Pencilled by Ig Guara & Clayton Henry
Inked by Scott Hanna
Lettered by Jared K Fletcher
Colored by Eber Ferreira
Cover by Ivan Reis
Cover Color by Rod Reis

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Can’t wait to see the second part of the Harley Quinn arc. I can’t remember, but is this only a two-part story?

  2. Harley Quinn getting arrested just so she can get her hands on the peeled off face of joker can that not be fun. Love this book.

  3. i am seriously hoping harley puts the joker’s face on all “the devil’s rejects” style and just fucks up all of gotham central.
    batman has to be in this issue, right?
    i’m wondering whether or not the joker himself will make an appearance or just his face. probably just the face. anyone want to place bets? the only thing at stake is cool points.

  4. should be good but harley needs to get out of this and join joker again soon so they can torment the bat after the owls.

  5. YES! YES! YES! YES! I wait and wait for this issue every month and I see another POW coming for this title this month. JL ending last month and SS last month has given SS the edge for favorite comic title, I have a feeling this issue will secure its position at the top!! Harley has me wrapped around her crazy little fingers and the rest of the Squad is just a perfect mix of fun and adventure with some crazy ass action!!
    @Sitara119 – I don’t think we will get a Batman visit and I will go with Joker’s face, no Joker. I do think or at least I am still intrested in the Deadshot relationship and some answers to how Harley sees it?! I don’t think she cares for anyone else except Mr. J however; she still seems sexaully atracted to insane killers and thats what Deadshot is.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow, gonna be a great comic book day!!


  6. I for one am shocked this has less than 300 pulls????!! I figured it for at least 750 or so. Anywho; this is such a delicate, dance with insanity and adventure that the people of the comicbook world need to rise up and give this a ride.


  7. Suicide Squad and Catwoman were the last of the New 52 that I gave a chance on and surprisingly they are both comics I am genuinely excited to read each month. They deliver in wicked fun and some really fast paced plots..I sure as hell didn’t think that crazy ass Harley Quinn would become my new hero….life is weird that way.

  8. I know it’s called suicide squad but there’s too many deaths.

    plus the ones dying are mostly new characters so it’s pretty much pointless to kill of characters when no one cares about them. this is just turning into violence for violence’s sake like deathstroke.

  9. This issue was absolutely incredible, just as I had expected. Can’t wait to see where this goes after that incredible cliffhanger.

  10. Harley shot in the stomach, Light be-headed and the group is in chaotic disaray!! I do so love this comic book so much; a 5!! Need I say more?? No—-you get it!! POW good however tied with Luther Strude!! Two POW’s for me and I am not angry…. All comics should be this entertaining and addictive.


  11. ya know, i was expecting deadshot to look like he has in animation like JL Unlimited or gotham knights.
    black hair, pencil mustache. no biggie, just sayn’
    best line of the book: “enjoy your stay, bitch.”

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