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• Who is the traitor on the team?

• The Squad is out to finally confront BASILISK head-on in one of their most violent missions yet!

Written by ADAM GLASS

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  1. Still they best title on the market, the artwork, the story and the characters are fantastic! You got mystery, action, drama and a traitor!! Last issue Yo-Yo was just sick looking, I can’t see how Waller or why she is trying to convince him he is like indestructible?? His face is a mess!! The traitor seems to be leading more and more towards our beloved Deadshot! He has got to do what he has got to do to take care of his little girl and that seems like the best reason on why he would be the traitor.


  2. In general I try to not criticize art as it’s merits are very subjective, I also don’t know if this fill in artist was given a ton of time to produce this issue. So with that preface in mind, good lord the art was bad, It reminded me of the horrible art they have been using to sell running shoes in ads lately only less polished. It’s annoying because the last issue seemed to get things back on track I am not certain I will make it thru this issue.

  3. i liked this series at first but it’s turned into a disappointment with the direction it’s heading into. i hate the new name for Kobra (basilisk). i hate it that they brought Capt. Boomerang into #4 and then took him out again in the following issue with no sign of him still. i also hate how the Resurrection Man cross over featured on the cover a rebooted Count Vertigo with out him appearing at lll in the story line. are we ever gonna see Bronze Tiger? i think Iceberg is a lame character so far and the rebooted version of Amanda Waller seems to be overly antagonistic and cruel even by “The Wall” standards. This “Danger Island” issue is the latest let down from this series and i think that if it wasn’t for Harley Quinn on the team this title would be cancelled. i can’t imagine anybody who was a fan of the John Ostrander series liking this rebooted garbage!

  4. This title is going downhill. I really hope it picks back up, because I used to love it. Sit back and watch is all I can do I suppose.

  5. This title is my 2nd favorite only behind Batman. Glass is an awesome writer. Every issue leaves me on the edge of my seat to see what happens next. Always action packed with twists and turns along the way.

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