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Written by ADAM GLASS

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

When this book began, I wasn’t sure what to think. It seemed like every second issue was kind of bleh. And then there was still the shadow of the outstanding Secret Six comic looming over it, as well as the brilliant Ostrander Suicide Squad. Hard to make a boom about villains that can reach those lofty heights.

But I can’t dent it; this book has grown on me.

This issue literally starts with a bang and then keeps the action moving. Looks like Waller (still a hardass) is going to set up a new Task Force X, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out (and who’s on THAT team). We see how much of a “team” the current Squad is. And we see what happens when the Squad have the option to stop playing nice…and have a traitor in their midst. Oh, and they end up having some additional trouble too. No vacations for these guys.

Glass has found his stride. He’s got the character interactions down, some great action bits, some comedy and some genuine moments of surprise. You really DON’T know who’s safe or not in this book ( well, okay certain characters are likely safe). But perhaps what’s most fun is the fact that there’s no pretense of “good” here. This is a group of very bad people who are only doing things because they have no option. So this sub-story of “who’s the traitor?” is more fun because you really don’t know.

My only complaint is that the art feels a bit off in this issue. Rodriguez is good; his composition and characters are all solid. But towards the end of the issue, his inking seems to get a bit loose. So much so, the characters start looking almost blurry in spots. That sort of drags you out of things a little (which is why I’m rating it a 3).

Still and all, I’ve started to just sit back and enjoy the Suicide Squad for what it is, on it’s own merits. And that’s a book that’s become consistently fun. Never a bad thing for me.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. the relaunch got of to a good start but it’s since then turned into rubbish. and this Task Force X on “Danger Island” issue is the latest example of that rubbish. i can’t imagine any fans of the Ostrander series actually still reading this. it’s mostly the Harley Quinn fans out there keeping the SS relaunch on life support.

  2. I never read the Ostrander series or the previous Secret Six. When I had originally picked up this series it was just because Quinn was in it. But now I am really happy I did. I love it. I think because it’s so action packed. Plus I love dead shot. His one liners are classic. Always make me laugh

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