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  1. HA! I can’t tell if a buff guy in a speedo beating an nazi down with a torpedo is awesome or homo-erotic.

    Maybe it’s both?

  2. It’s both

    Still looking forward to this

  3. Yes! Quite possibly my most anticipated book of this week.

  4. I’m excited for this one. I loved the Cap 1 shot.

  5. I think Breitweiser added that thong at the last minute. Forgot he was working at Marvel, heh 🙂

  6. There’s nothing special about this comic book The Sub-Mariner has waged his war with the Axis Powers before any other superhero in the Marvel Universe did such as The Sentinel of Liberty Captain America  along with his faithful sidekick Bucky and The British Freedom Fighter known as Union Jack and these two superheroes and the witty sidekick seems more popular than he is. So no way am I buying this comic book I’ve wasted my bread on un-worthy comic books before but not this time man not this time.

  7. Love Breitweiser’s art, definitley my most anticipated bookof the week!

  8. @evil09 – I’m not entirely sure what your point is? Why aren’t you buying this? Not that I’m judging you or forcing you to, it’s just your post confused me (which isn’t hard.)

    Love Breitweiser’s art, very much looking forward to this, although I hope he does something non-superhero-ey soon enough, just out of interest.

  9. I love me some Namor, can’t wait!

  10. I bought the Cap one, but it is still sitting there…unread.  I’ll pick it up.  even if it sits there for 2 weeks.

  11. Did the word ‘jihad’ even exist in the 1940’s? Just noticing it now in the summary…

  12. @twooldridge – GO READ IT! Wow, it was an amazing issue with an awesome reprint in the back. For such an ‘uneventful’ book, it was well worth the money. Doesn’t advance any cap story or anything, same old same old…BUT a really good read. I can’t believe you haven’t read it yet !!

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The word ‘jihad’ existed several centuries before the 1940’s, yes.  

  14. I dunno, the Cap issue was pretty good, but it didn’t wow me like I was expecting. I’ll wait on this one.

  15. I’ve just never seen that word used a whole lot….Much less for a character in a comic.

  16. @Cooper: None of evil09’s posts make sense. I find it somewhat humorous though that in every post he seems to inject a pointless bit of trivia into the mix with all the subtlety of a pornographic pop-up ad. My favorite was the Brigette Nielsen info in the Savage She-Hulk #1 comments from last week.

    That said, I want me some Namor.

  17. I didn’t find the Cap one worth buying, but maybe this one. I dunno.


  18. This was a pretty soild issue. The first story with Breitweiser’s art was the best of the bunch. Can we have a Namor ongoing please? With Thomas as writer and Breitweiser as artist?

  19. I rather enjoyed that issue. I’m a big Roy Thomas fan and a big Breitweiser fan, so I loved the first part of this book. It’s really nice to see Roy Thomas still has it in terms of writing, it didn’t come across as terribly Hackneyed like Stan Lee’s recent Thor back up, nor as blah as some of Len Wein’s or Denny O’Neil’s latest forays into writing. (Which again, is not to retroactively declare any bad writers, but that often, their current writing doesn’t match up or read as well compared to other writers, or even their own!).

    And the Breitweisers have become my favorite "new" art team of 2009. I loved their work on the Uncanny Annual and really could love to see them on some bigger books. I had the chance to meet them, too, at NYCC and they are both really nice and even chatted with me beyond pleasantries. I echo TNC’s sentiments when I ask for a Thomas-penned, Breitweiser-drawn/colored Namor ongoing.

    Fun fact, while Namor is derived from spelling Roman backward, it bears striking similarity to the name McNamara, which means Son of (Mc) The Hound (sometimes Hero or King) of the Sea (Namara) in Gaelic.  

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