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PI Dex Parios has finally caught up with Charlotte Suppa, but what she’s found is a whole lot more than she bargained for. Who rounds out the Charlotte love triangle? What criminal scheme is she wrapped up in? And what do people have against Dex’s poor Mustang convertible? Find the answer to these questions and more in this new series from superstar writer Greg Rucka (WHITEOUT, DETECTIVE COMICS) and hot new artist Matthew Southworth!

By Greg Rucka & Matthew Southworth

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AmirCat04/29/10NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. FINALLY!!!  And you bet it should be 40 pages.  Although ironically this will probably be late for me due to the volcano…

  2. I missed #2 so it has been a very very long time.

  3. I’m gonna re-read 1 and 2 first lol

  4. I need to re-read the first two issues. Other than the main character, I don’t remember anything about the supporting cast.

  5. Finally! This seems to be the week of long-absent books, between this and ‘last days of American crime’. Hopefully the next issue won’t have as much of a gap

  6. I have nothing to say. Why do this? Why constantly put out late books? Why not learn from past experience?

  7. @edward – stuff happens. It’s hard to putout quality art, have a day job, and do something because you love it.

  8. Trade waiting. Sorry, Greg.

  9. Also trade waiting.


  10. liked the first two but the long delay has made me lose interest. trade waiting at best.

  11. seriously needed a recap-couldn’t remember who anyone was. Probably make a nice tidy trade

  12. My LCS didn’t get it in. Sucks.

  13. I love this book I just wish it was on time. Still not gonna trade wait though, I can’t wait that long.

  14. I gotta say I was pretty disappointed by the art in this issue.  It seemed rushed.  The art has just generally gone downhill since the first issue.

  15. @Spoon – I thought the art was strong! The panels were amazings. 

  16. @ AmirCat – I went through and reread all the issues today and while I still think the art has decreased in quality  it isn’t as wide spread a problem in this issue as I initially thought.  The art is still really inconsistent with some pages being up to the quality of the first issue and then other pages looking quite rushed (the first page or two from this issue spring to mind).

  17. Art showed a huge dropoff since issue 1.  Too bad. 

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