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  1. They’re really throwing around the term "best and brightest" nowadays, aren’t they?

  2. This looks fun. Exactly what I want from a Marvel book.

  3. @Slockhart: Peter Bagge, Paul Pope, James Kochalka, Nick Bertozzi all fit that term rather nicely. Who were you expecting? Chris Ware? Clowes? David Chelsea? Tomie? Rutu Modan? Jason? Joe Matt? Satrapi? or other artists that have no interest in making superhero comic?

  4. I’m on the fence with this one…will be an at the store decision.

  5. @WinTheWonderboy

    Apparently I missed the word "independent" in the solicit. 

  6. Jason should do a Marvel one-shot… something with Wolverine

  7. @Slockhart: Sorry.

    @Simmons: I would love to see Jason do Wolverine comic! Hell, any Marvel or DC character would do. I just don’t see him wanting to do one. 

  8. Jason is doing a Spider-Man story for this series.

  9. I am coming out of no where with this. Picked it up on a last minute decision. Gald I did, cause this is my POTW baby!

    Every story in this was great to read and not a stinker in the bunch. The best stories were the ‘Most Embarrassing Marvel Moments’, ‘Spider-Man in Spidertown’, The Perry Bible Fellowship quickies, and the Jason story…..Oh the wonderful Jason ‘Barfight’ story. God I love Jason so much.

    If anyone hasn’t read this yet I say this could be the best $5 you’ll spend for a comic….ever!

  10. @immortal: Wow! that is awesome and surprising.

  11. That japanese story with Spider-Man in Spider-Town has the best Stan Lee cameo ever. Beats all of his appearences in Marvel films.

  12. *face palm* I read about this earlier – completely missed that it was coming out this week and now it’s too late to grab issue 1 according to Heavy Ink. Oiy, I hope Marvel decides to reprint this.

  13. I didnt even realize this was coming out this week. I’ll definitly have to pick it up. I’ve heard really great things about it.

  14. As a fan of things bizarre, I really wanted to love this comic. Unfortunately I rank it just above average. Comedy is extremely hard to do in comics and satisfy me. The comic started out so bad I instantly regretted buying it. But there were some parts that had me legitimatley lol ("The Blue Hair"). I would only recommend this book to hard core Marvel fans interested in seeing a different take on these characters.

  15. The Namor story is great. That and the Dr. Strange ones are my favorites.

  16. Although Humans do make delicious pizza.

  17. Yeah, this was my POW as well.  I loved every single story.  Though I tihnk my faves were the Spider-Man in Spider Town and Marvel Most Embarassing Moments. 

  18. The Punisher story was easily my favorite, followed closely by the M.O.D.O.K. story.  Great read throughout.

  19. I have to admit, I thought this was an excellent idea, but was disappointed by the final product. Something about it seems offputting. Only a few stories got a chuckle from me as I read them, the rest came off as trite and in some cases insulting. It should be noted I read this on a train with a light buzz, so maybe that did something, but I have to say, this was a 3/5 for me. 

  20. @PraxJarvin: What was your favorite story even if you were luke warm on it?

    Try reading it again, it might be better when your not drinking 😉

  21. Probably the Paul Pope Inhumans story (Lockjaw is getting some positive press recently! Star of War of Kings #6, Pet Avengers and now this!) was my favorite. The Punisher story got a chuckle from me and I enjoyed the Wolverine-Jean-Beast page.

  22. @PraxJarvin: You didn’t like the Jason story? Or just Doc Ock crying at the end?

  23. I thought this was really weird, but in a good way. Is there a mature content warning on this cover? Because there probably should be, with sex scenes, nude silhouttes, the use of the word "slut", etc. I’m not a supporter of censorship whatsoever, but it seems weird that this didn’t (at least to my knowledge) advertise itself as not-for-kids.

    Anyway, this was definitely a 5/5. Probably not my POW, but maybe runner-up.

  24. This was terrible. The only one I was slightly amused by was the Spider-Man in Spider town.

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