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FraggleUprising12/05/09NoRead Review
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  1. I am really really unsure about picking up the second issue. its a light week but im not sure what i thought to issue 1 and at 3.99 im not sure i want to find out what i think about the book.

     did other people dig this?

  2. I rated it a 3. Not quite what I was hoping for in tone and story . . . but a good read.

  3. Issue #1 was ok, I expect #2 to be better.

  4. I dug the first, but i think with something like this you have to let it have time to grow. also im intrigued to find out what Strange’s big bad secret is.

  5. I wasn’t crazy about the first issue.  It was decent, but felt kinda contrived and I prefer to keep manga style illustration where it belongs–in manga.  Definitely an odd art choice for Dr Strange.  Still, I’m picking issue #2 up in hopes that the story gets more interesting.  If it doesn’t, I’ll probably drop it, even though it’s only a 4 issue mini.

  6. With the first issue I had a hard time getting past the art. But with this one I’m really starting to enjoy the new Strange and his interactions with the girl so I’m sold.

  7. This issue was pretty alright. Not bad but not great either. I’m excited about where we’re at now, as I think a Strange and a side-kick travel/adventure story could be really, really great. 3/5.

  8. I think the poor ratings are mostly due to the art style, which is not bad, but just not Marvel standard fare. It was a little jarring in the first issue, especially since it’s so different from the cover style, but I’ve adjusted this issue, so it’s kind of nice. I really love the cover artist, though. I’d like to see that artist do some interiors. 

    It wasn’t what I expected either, but so far it’s a fun, solid Mark Waid story, and I laughed out loud a couple of times. It’s nice that this story really, really is completely separate from most of Marvel Continuity right now. Rare that I would say that, but it fits given Stephen’s current place in the world.

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