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After the opening one-shot, this is the beginning of the first real arc of “Strange”.  You get a quick four panel recap of the first issue, and then from there the story shifts to primarily to Casey, the young vaguely manga-ish girl Mark Waid is creating to be an apprentice to Dr. Strange. 

In the first issue, Stephen Strange impulsively shares with Casey two bits of magic to help them both escape a bind.  This arc is addressing what the consequences are of teaching magic to someone without articulating what the dangers and rules involved are.  One needs to ask, for example, before casually vanishing anything that you find unpleasant, where exactly do those things vanish to and are these items welcome when and where they arrive?

Casey is intrigued by her new abilities, to see things as they really are through her magic glasses and to make troublesome objects disappear, but she is also both blissfully and dangerously ignorant of what these powers really do, and how she might be calling unsavory attention to herself from Dr. Strange’s enemies.  She wants to track Strange down to learn more from him, but it is only Dr. Strange finding her that prevents her from being eaten by a big slobbering toothy creature eager track Strange down.

So far, I’m liking this book a lot.  Mark Waid is alwas great and Emma Rios’ art handles both the mundane world and the magical realms and oddities that Casey and Strange encounter with such skill, that I’m really eager for the next issue to see what they both come up with.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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