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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. ugh…i like dr. strange, but i just cant think of a book to drop, to fit this in my budget. i wish some of these minis would wrap up and open another spot for strange. *COUGH*hawkeye mini*COUGH* flash rebirth*COUGH*

  2. Really looking forward to this!

  3. Cool cover. Love the geometric elements.

  4. I’m debating whether to pick this up or just wait for the trade.  I’ll make my mind up on Wednesday

  5. Anyone who pulls this ($4, 22 pages, 4 issues) and was angry about the Lobo price ($7, 64 pages, 2 issue prestige bound, no ads) is a hypocrite. I’ll be picking this up in trade if I hear good things.

  6. @ miyamotofreak

    Yeah, but it doesn’t have Lobo in it! DC should pay people to read a Lobo book. 

  7. @Andrew- lol.

  8. Really want to read this, but not really wanting to pick up another $3.99 mini. Probably will just wait for the trade.


  9. I can’t get Dr. Orpheus out of my head when I read anything Strange. I’m sure this is gonna read great in trade, but I’m gonna have that voice and music stuck in my head the whole time.

  10. So a couple of minutes ago this book had a 6% potw and now it has none with a score of 6.7.


  11. What a great cover!

    What a terrible book on the inside.  Waid wrote this pile of %&#@?  Art combined the worst of manga and western art styles.  Bleh Bleh Bleh.  Dropped big time.

  12. Droppidy drop drop drop !!!!!!!!  I’ve washed my hands countless times but can’t seem to rid myself of the stench from this book.  Despite a sharp cover, this might be the worst 4 dollars I’ve ever spent.

  13. @Ruo21:  That was just the Eye of Agamotto trying to manipulate the score.  Even magic can’t save this piece of garbage.

  14. Really disappointing, from the lightweight script to the kiddie art, especially after the fabness of the Oath mini series.

  15. This mini could go one way or the other.  But I get this weird Doctor Who vibe about this issue.

  16. wow this was bad. a life or death battle over a baseball team possessed by demons? I couldn’t possibly come up with a stupider premise for a comic, or a worse way to introduce a new "apprentice". i loved the Dr. strange mini about Wong and his battle for cancer, but this is just stupid. art was terrible too. i considered asking the shop if they would take this back. "sigh"

  17. I didn’t really care for this either.

  18. Yeah, this was okay, but I would’ve liked to have seen a little more follow-up to the style of the BKV mini. This seems more like a Teen Strange book with Doc hanging around to me.

  19. Wow– didn’t enjoy this at all.

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