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  1. I’m looking forward to picking this issue. Its going to see Stormwatch’s POV for this crossover

  2. Yeah, the preview for this looked really good – running over the same timeframe as Authority #6 but filling in some of the gaps and viewpoints.

  3. Great issue, we get to see the Stormwatch POV of this crossover. Also a great thing about this issue, it fleshed out some of the things that the Authority only lightly touched upon in Authority #6. The exchange between was King and Hawksmoor was the same as it was in the Authority, but we got to see Midnighter tell Winter what he thinks about all this. Edginton continues to do a great job with these characters

  4. I understand the concept behind this but nonetheless i feel like I paid three bucks for a ten page comic.  Sure some gaps were filled in but did you really need to know it? Bah!

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