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The earth is being eaten alive!

As the unstoppable alien antibody continues consuming everything in its path, Stormwatch awakens a slumbering [information redacted] buried deep within the earth. But has the team found an ally or a threat greater than the antibody?

However it plays out, the DC landscape literally will be changed forever!

Plus: Don’t miss a major change to the Stormwatch roster!

Art and cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I love these characters, so I hate to say it, but I’ve been really lukewarm on this series. I’m gonna buy this and re-read all four issues before I make a decision, but I think this one might be a goner.

    • I think because it’s been nothing but hints and allusions, nothing concrete or clear cut. I really would like to know what’s going on and what these characters are about – what we’ve so far has me lukewarm as well.

  2. This series has been such a fun read. It started a little jumping but last issue has got me on board for the long haul, Midnighter VS everyone in the guise of a super alien-count me in

  3. Plus that cover tease with Apollo is epic

  4. Yeah, Paul Cornell knows how to write comics! The guy is having fun writing this and Demon Knights and it shows, those two books are full of writers’ love all over them!

  5. I think I’m leaning more toward Demon Knights than this one. However, I’d love to see more of a Planetary spin than an Authority one.

  6. Just read the preview over at CBR and this issue looks stunning again and the action is gonna really heat up. Can’t wait till tomorrow this is in my top 10!


  7. Just heard Cornell is out after 6. If the new writer coming on after Jenkins fill-ins isn’t Cornell level, I will be dropping this

    • I’m gonna stick with my plan of reading all the issues so far before making a decision, but this news makes me think dropping the book is the right move for me. I’m not sure I’ve read anything by Paul Jenkins but the word about his work (at least around here) has me unenthused.

    • I absolutely love this series, and just the thought of Paul Cornell no longer writing it makes want to jump ship right away. But I’m going to give Paul Jenkin a shot, since he’s doing a 2 issue arc.

    • Shame Mr. Cornell is leaving this cause I really enjoyed what he brought to the table so far. I’m not a hater on Paul Jenkins because I enjoyed alot of his writing with the Inhumans and Sentry and it’s only a two issue arc. It would be badass if DC brought in Warren Ellis to take over writing duties but I highly doubt that would happen. Even Brian Azzarello would be great with his history with “The Authority” -A man can dream

    • I know! I’m debating if I want to stick around or not. This issue rocked. I hope it still rocks without Cornell.

    • @ drnutz – I forgot about that Inhumans series. I actually liked that quite a bit. Jenkins clearly can tell good stories even if his recent output has been lackluster.

      I like the characters and the concept so depending on who the new regular writer (and artist) is after the Jenkins issues I may stick with this. One nice thing about solicitations is we should know who’s working on #9 before we have to buy #7.

  8. Though it was only good (and not great), this was my pick of the week. Glad they’re hinting at the homosexuality and Apollo-as-savior angle.

  9. Best issue so far, this was just great from top to bottom. 5/5

  10. I really enjoyed the action in this issue and the Midnighter and Apollo taking the lead roll in this issue is a very good stepping stone. I think we need a little more character development on some of the others except M.M. everyone knows him and he rocks!! I am wondering what his interaction will be with Apollo and Midnighter?? Could be a lot of fun in the future for this book.
    When does the Grifter show up in this booK>>??


  11. This title started out a bit shaky and over-complex, making me slow to read issues #3 & 4 – and then hearing Josh/Conor diss it on the most recent podcast didn’t exactly stir my enthusiasm… but yesterday, over chilidogs and a Diet Coke, I sat back and read the last two issues – and this book is really a lot of fun! Now I’m really going to miss Cornell.

  12. Thought it was the best issue yet. I like how it’s also tying into Demon Knights. The personalities are being fleshed out more. Can’t wait for the Midnighter-Eminence of Swords fight.

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