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• Midnighter must die!

• The unthinkable happens when StormWatch’s mission to capture the renegade Midnighter turns into an assassination plot!

• Don’t miss the stunning (and permanent) transformation of a StormWatch member!

Story by Peter Milligan
Art by Will Conrad, Eduardo Pansica, & Julio Ferreira
Colors by Guy Major
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Will Conrad & Gabe Eltaeb

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. While i mourn the loss of the WildStorm Stormwatch (in all it’s incarnations) i have to admit that this series is really standing out in the DCNU.

    It’s not a title die-hard Batman fans might pick up nor will die-hard Constantine/Justice League Dark fans but for those of us that have fond memories of Change or Die, Team Achilles and PHD this book is as close as we get.

    That being said i love how these characters interact with each other.It’s the Authority members but not the Authority.The Authority knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses.They were basically all best friends.In this series, no one really knows each other and even the starting members (Jenny Quantum, Hawksmoor and the Engineer) don’t act like best friends.More like colleagues.I like that Midnighter is still as badass as ever and the moment where all of the hidden agendas were revealed felt like the greatest pay off.

    I’d love for DC to bring more Wildstorm characters into the universe proper (besides just showing up in Deathstroke) and with the announcement of Zealot joining the team i can’t be more happier.Would love to see Henry Bendix rear his bald head somewhere in the universe if only to imagine how he’d outwit the Justice League.

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