On the planet Tython, in the center of the galaxy, an order of warrior monks strives to maintain peace and to balance the mysterious power known as the Force. But a stranger is coming–one who will destroy both peace and balance, and open the galaxy to exploration and conquest. This is where it all begins!

John Ostrander and Jan Duursema of Star Wars: Legacy fame reveal the mythic age of the Jedi’s beginnings!

* A series that establishes the beginnings of the Jedi!

* The Ostrander/Duursema team returns to Star Wars!

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Cover Artist: Jan Duursema

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  1. I have high hopes for this book. I like the team that’s on it. It should be a cool time period to explore.

  2. So frustrating that just when it looks like the’re doing something different with the SW universe, the Force Hounds step in as uber styled proto-sith proxies. 3.5/5 for me.i may get the next issue depending on how heavy that week is, but..ya know….I’VE GOT A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS. yeah, i had to say it:)

  3. My shop sold out….What is your guys thoughts about this?

  4. Crap. I forgot about this. Ostrander and Duursema did good on Legacy. Looks like this takes place even before the original KoTOR comics. Will have to track this down.

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