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  1. I totally appreciate IDW bringing this franchise to life again in comics but my only crtitisism is that although the stories are outstanding for me because I know the sourse novel material they can be seen as not great juping on points for new readers although I am sure that can be counter argued by someone so I will give an example. In this issue Isis the cat spontaneously transforms off panel between a woman and a cat. I have read the novels and know what is going on but John Byrne doesn’t really explain it so if a neww reader comes in on issue one they may not pick up issue 2 because they may be lost.

  2. Well I’ve never read any of the novels you are talking about, but I am more than familiar with the TV episode this story is based on… so I knew about it from that.  However I doubt many who would pick up this book would not not have seen the Trek episode ‘Assignment Earth’.  If it were only in a book than I would completely understand what you are saying.  I dropped the Peter David Trek comic after one issue because it felt like I walked into a movie that was an hour into it.

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