Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 30.7%


  1. This is slowly becoming the comic I look forward to the most each month…and thats something considering I already know whats going to happen!   They are really doing the Novel justice,  Now if only somebody could make a decent filmed version….

  2. Wasn’t the last issue, the tunnel scenes in particular, just downright amazing? One of the few titles I have no qualms about paying $3.99 for.

  3. That’s goooooood Rat!

  4. @skeets   oh man that whole sequence gave me chills. And I know the ending already. Astounding.

  5. I think they made Flagg a little too evil looking. I liked the guy playing him in the tv series because he’s normal looking (at first) and deceptively charming.

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