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  1. whoa…this flew in under the radar..never even heard about it.  That MAX Squadron series was great.

  2. @kimbo  I loved this series when it was a JMS vanity project.  Then it seemed to die on the vine, going through a few reportedly subpar minis and a weird Ultimate Universe crossover that I didn’t read because I don’t like the Ultimate Universe or Greg Land.  Now it looks like they are relaunching it as a regular Marvel title?  With Ultimate Nick Fury as part of the team?

    I’ll give this an issue for the trainwreck factor.  And maybe Chaykin and ‘newcomer’ artist dude will surprise me.

  3. This really flew outta nowhere. I agree with ohcaroline that the JMS series was great. But i just checked out some of the preview pages and they look good. The factor of Nick Furry from the Ultimate Universe is kinda intriguing even though im not a big fan of the Ultimate Universe at all.

  4. @rift1128  I know some people like Chaykin a lot — all I ever read by him was a weird Guy Gardner mini, so I don’t really know, but I’m giving it a shot partly for that reason too.  And I *do* like these characters, if I can remember who they are after all this time.

  5. @ohcaroline- I tried miring through that Ultimate Power series but it was such a mess I gave up halfway through.  I wondered where Fury had gone to since they mention him being gone in Ult Spidy a lot.  The decline in those Squadron stories, especially when it jumped from MAX to kid friendly was jarring to say the least, the original tone was what set it apart from the pack.  Couple Chaykin with Sam jackson Fury though and I’m gonna take a chance on this despite myself.

  6. okay I flipped through it at the shop, I just couldn’t do it.

  7. @Kimbo — How come?  Feel free to trash it and save me 3 bucks.

  8. can’t comment on the story, it could be brilliant but the artwork looked unfinished and a lil ugly for me.

  9. Wow. Sorry, but this was a horrible issue. Definate drop from me.

  10. The concept of the story was pretty good, but the artwork ruined it!!! Definately needs a new artist pronto!!!

  11. As a huge fan of the MAX series and semi-huge fan of the all ages book that followed, this book is terrible. Horrible art, matched only by the writing that makes no sense. An all around painful experience. Save your money ohcaroline, this is the worst comic I have read in a long time.

    Just out of curiosity — why is Nick Fury still in this dimension? Did he stay after Ultimate Power? Isn’t he in the current Ultimate books? Did they clone him? Should I really care?

  12. No, he actually isn’t in the Ultimate books.  He’s been missing since sometime around when Immonen took over pencils on Spidey.  They’ve mentioned it more than a few times in multiple Ultimate books I’m pretty sure.

  13. Ah ok, cool, thanks, man. The only Ultimate book I read is The Ultimates and that’s kinda in another world right now (a really shit one) so I didn’t know Fury was missing, and wasn’t sure why he showed up here.

  14. DId they even finish Ulitimate Power yet?

    Did I miss it?

  15. They did finish it.

    You only missed it if you enjoy crappy comics.

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