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  1. The art in  the motion comic is still superior.  It looks better than the printed art in every way.

  2. You know, I feel like I keep hearing the same thing… like the needle is stuck on a record… 

    Looking forward to this. Watched the Second motion comic and sighed at how miserably cut down and censored it was from Issue #2 (How do you cut out "I feels like peeing?" That was pure gold!.) I didn’t watch beyond the "last page" of 2, most likely won’t be going back to them.

  3. I just actually got to reading #2 this weekend. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to this.

  4. This feels like the real Bendis

  5. @anyone The art from the motion comic is the same as the comic, but just with movement right?

  6. @Prax – like the complaints of the future arc on X-Factor? 😉

    Still waiting for this to blow me away, still good though.

  7. I can’t wait til we are past the motiOn comic episodes so these can actually be suprising again.

  8. I havent seen any of the motion comics, and I am loving this title. 

  9. @skeets Touche. But hey, now that’s over. 😉

  10. I’m waiting for the paper book to get ahead before I try the motion comic.  How long do I have to wait?  Does the motion comic match issue for issue?

  11. @PozrDu I’ve only watched two of the Motion Comics, and Issue #2 ends about halfway through the Second Motion Comic. Not sure if that means 3 occupies more story or not, but Issue 2 was really condensed in the motion comic, and really, the sexual overtones and the "cheekiness" of Jessica were almost removed from the motion comic.

  12. I love the creators, and there past work, but I’ve not connected to this book yet, hopefully it’ll be this issue.

  13. still not impressed with it, but still not ready to drop it…

  14. The motion comics are not available for download in the UK. So this is all we have. And so far it’s been great.

    Motion Comics are a waste of everybody’s time, in my opinon.

  15. @thesword How is that possible?  Is itunes different in Britain than it is in America?

  16. @vadamowens: iTunes stores are different all over the world due to different rights issues.

  17. I really liked last issue. This one i felt very "meh" about.

  18. Now we’re talkin’. Let’s torture some Skrulls.

  19. I’m not connecting to this series, I’m gonna give it one more go because Spider-woman vs a Skrull should be great, but if next issue doesn’t do it for me I might have to drop this book.

    I compare it with Batwoman in Detective. and this series falls short. The art in both is beautiful, but while Rucka is writing interesting characters and situations, I am getting nothing new from Bendis in this series, too much inner-monologue that adds little to the story.

  20. Did anyone alse think of the live action Grinch when they saw the Skull?

  21. Good issue. 4/5 for me. Wasn’t awesome, but it was pretty solid. Interested to see where it goes. Classic Bendis slow plotting. 😉

    @winthewonderboy Yeah, it bothered me a bit.

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