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  1. I liked Spider-Man Noir alot more than the first issue of X-Men noir. I’m kinda geeked about this title. Spidey’s suit is sick.

  2. I really like this title, and I think that having read the Jack Murdock series that Giandomenico pencilled helped me accept this style as evocative of the period, rather than Ron’s observation that "it should be black and white" (which it should).

  3. They were out when I got to Jim Hanley’s – but they had full displays of hte Obama cover so I decided to get it.

  4. The Noir stuff still brings the awesome for me.

  5. I am diggin’ this Spidey Noir. I think I’ll get the X-Men Noir in trade.

  6. I’ve really enjoyed this book so far. I like the 30’s setting and I think the art compliments that. I look forward to the last two issues.

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