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  1. Terry Moore? This should be GREAT!!!! Can’t wait!


  2. My top book for the week.

  3. Any chance my wife might like this book? Runaway’s is the only book I’ve been able to get her to read. I’ve never read any Terry Moore, but I plan on getting the next Runaway’s series.

  4. I end up buying a LOT of comics with strong female characters just so my wife will read them… 

    She LOVED the first run of this (and so did I) so YES! I think she will.

    Some other titles she might like this week are The Sword (get some back issues), Patsy Walker:Hellcat (mini), Manhunter. 

    AND, of course, Fables and Y:The Last Man. Two titles that EVERBODY likes. 

  5. The story on this was pretty good, but the artist is not for me at all.  I liked the western manga feel of the original series.  Also, when did Liz become a brunnette?

  6. @steveM–Good call on the western manga feel. I agree. I liked this and I like the kind of pocket universe it exists in…

  7. @steveM   YOU ARE CORRECT! The art was SOOOO much better in the previous series.

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