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See how the controversial classic SHOULD have ended, straight from the pens of the Clone Saga’s original architects, Tom DeFalco and Howard Mackie. Heroes are born, heroes die, and demons from the past return with a vengeance. Once the smoke clears only one Spider-Man will be left standing! Don’t miss the finish that answers ALL your lingering questions, Spidey fans!

WRITER: Tom DeFalco & Howard Mackie
PENCILS: Todd Nauck
COVER BY: Chris Cross

Price: $3.99
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  1. Interested to read this in paperback maybe.

  2. @kickass it’s very 90s nostalgic which i liked, i’m sure it will read well in trade if you like that sort of thing as i do

  3. I like to think that the feeling I get when I buy this is the same feeling my dad had when he bought some of the comics I found in his longboxes.  The kind of books where I showed them to him, asked him a simple "Why?" and saw a look of shame on his face.

    I can only hope I have a son that I can force into comics (as all good fathers should do) so he can ask me what the hell I was thinking when he comes across this.

  4. As a shameful Scarlett Spider fan, and an unabashed Tood Nauck fan, this is a tasty treat for me. #5 was inches from being my pick of the week when it came out. This series is just a fun time.

  5. @caseyjustice agreed. it’s not the best comic on the rack, but it’s fun

  6. Was there a point in changing the ending when it’s not like it’s going to matter anyway?

  7. @Slockhart: Maybe they’re going for a sequel mini set in an alternate universe where Ben survived and Pete & MJ are married with children. I know I’d read it!

  8. @CaseyJustice

    Hmm, I guess that makes sense.  It’s just weird that they kept almost every major plot point of The Clone Saga the same (as far as I know; I never read the original) then all of a sudden in the last issue, decide to change everything.

  9. @slockhart

    That was the whole point of this though….to end it the way the writers wanted to originally and not how Marvel’s editor at the time decided it should end. 

    As for the alternate universe, they already have that, the Spectacular Spider-girl stories take place in that universe as Pete and MJ’s daughter, May, is Spider-girl.

  10. @cubman

    I just assumed that "the way it was meant to be told" would’ve involved a little more than making it exactly the same except the ending.

  11. Well I also think the fact that the whole thing was 6 issues and not 60 issues was another part of that since originally it was supposed to be a shorter, more condensed story that got dragged out due to editorial mandate. I mean, while the first 3/4 had elements that were pretty close to the original saga, there is a ton of major stuff that happened in the orininal that aren’t even mentioned here because they were not originally intended to happen. (Kaine murdering people, Peter being arrested for it, Aunt May dying, Peter losing his powers for a while and moving to Oregon, etc.)

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