Spider-Man and the Punisher take on the Russian mob! Vast amounts of drugs from overseas are flooding the streets, and the Punisher is ready to kill to stop the flow. But Spider-Man has a different approach…and when a Midtown High student gets caught up between the two crimefighters, it could mean life or death!

Story by John Ostrander
Art by Todd Nauck, Michael Ryan, Mark Pennington & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Ian Hannin
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Price: $4.99
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  1. Any idea why this is issue #1000?

  2. @ctrosejr  for fun?  I don’t know, I was wondering the same thing, can’t seem to find anything other than it’s a one shot……

  3. Was this any good? I am a sucker for Punisher guest shots, but half of this is a reprint of Amazing 129 which I already have reprinted in other books.

  4. I would guess this is to compete against Action’s #900.

  5. @Skyfire124: I think you’re right.  I think Marvel is just being dickish when it comes to cover numbers.  First, the release Deadpool Team-up #900 to deny Action the ability to claim the mantel of first to 900.  Now, they have denied Action the claim of first to 1,000.  I don’t see any other reason for it.

  6. They did Deadpool #1000 a while back too … *shrug*

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