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SPAWN #190

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  1. Believe it or not, this book has been very good. If ur on the fence about it, give it a shot. Start @ #185(I believe).  That is when END GAME started.

  2. yea, this has been a real return to form on this book.  it has a nice edge to it but still has that same feeling it had waaay back in the early days of this title.  also, i have never enjoyed portacio’s art this much.  granted, that might be explained by mcfarlane inking (there are some pages that looks like straight mcfarlane pencils) but his stuff, which usually is a not that great has been gorgeouse here.  im definatly glad i started buying this again

  3. yeah i just started reading this for the new arc it was a bit slow at 1st but this issue got me hooked

  4. This issue finally went somewhere.  This was probably the best issue since #185.  My only complaint is that the last 6 issues could’ve been done in 3 issues and the pacing would’ve been better.

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