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From the Eisner award-winning team behind 100 BULLETS comes the sci-fi story of Orson, a man genetically engineered to withstand the harsh journey to Mars and finds himself trapped in a seriously harsher reality.

On the outskirts of the flooded city, Orson’s on the trail of some bloodthirsty pirates. Seems they’re both after the same precious treasure. The only difference is that Orson wants the treasure alive…


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  1. Will be picking it up next week at my LCS, since it’s the only book I’m getting from this week. Will be at the top of my stack though. I truly loved issue 1 and can’t wait to see this world expand.

  2. 1 issue was a great read and a breath of fresh air. looking forward to this one

  3. Even after getting past the futuristic colloquialisms, I found the setup a bit light in the ‘grab me’ category…BUT, here is a case where the creative team’s past success comes into play. I will give these guys at least 3 issues to find my footing.

    Loving Johnson’s cover for ish #2!

  4. I’m not saying they’re the same at all, but the conceit of the lead character is very similar to an old sci-fi novel called Human Plus. Its all about engineering humans for space travel. i couldn’t help but think of that during the first issue

  5. Great first issue and my only comic this week. POTW!

  6. a space monkey as the lead character. whats not to love

  7. I loved the first issue, but this would be a million times better if it was about Dr. Leo Spaceman. Now there’s an idea for a comic.

  8. SO excited to pick this up. The first issue was brilliant.

  9. Nice to see Coolio make an appearance in this

  10. Bought it due to the raves for #1 (LCS ran out of #1 before I could buy it) and have to admit I was TOTALLY lost. Would have been nice to see some kind of summary page…

    • I think when it comes to part 2 of a 9 part limited series from Vertigo, the best summary page you’re going to get is the $1 first issue. That’s too bad that your store didn’t order enough – it’s Comixology for 99 cents (that’s one penny cheaper than print!)

    • your shop wouldnt reorder it for you? thats not cool at all. im feeln’ ya on the summary page grievance. im a dc guy, but my only beef with them is that they dont do summary pages like marvel.
      however, i have to ask, why read issue 2 if you havent read 1? some people who read 1 couldnt make heads or tails of it, i can only imagine what issue 2 must have been like without any reference

  11. (sigh)…Addiction, Sitara119, addiction…it had gotten such raves I thought I could figure it out (I do have a Masters, after all). Didn’t work.

  12. Haha…no, English literature…:)

  13. Takes a bit of slowing down when it comes to reading for me but worth the the investment. The transitions to and from the training back to real time are my favorite parts. Even if you find the story confusing Risso’s art is definitely worth the price of admission.

  14. this was really awesome. great issue.

  15. @Edward I agree this was an awesome issue!
    This is something completely new to me at least; never read anything like this before and it pleases me! (4)


  16. Finally got to read this today. Definitely my favourite book at the moment. Gorgeous art and excellent story. Totally awesome. 5/5.

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