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As the SIEGE of Asgard escalates to its final chaotic moments, one man must decide which is more important – living through the day, or getting the truth behind the story of the century!

WRITER: Brian Reed
PENCILS: Chris Samnee
INKS: John & Laura Lakey
LETTERED BY: Werther Dell'Edera
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Price: $3.99
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jefffromWV05/13/10YesRead Review
akamuu05/11/10NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. The weakest of the Siege storyline. Just going to pick this one up as a filler. Usually tired of seeing Adi Granov covers weekly, but this one has a nice cover of the Trinity.

  2. Not sure I will ever tire of Adi Granov covers.

  3. unfortunately, when Marvel gets your money, "as a filler" doesn’t come along with it.  and I too will never get tired of Adi Granov covers, assuming I’m not getting the interior artist.

  4.  I get tired of Adi Granov covers. But I don’t get tired of Samnee art. That being said, this drifted off last issue and now I am not sure what it is about.

  5. My lord, I realized I did not pick up this issue. Got to go back to my local comic book store to read this issue.

  6. there’s a speeder bike on page 12.  no really, a speeder bike.  that’s at least worth a 4, and since the rest of the issue was good, 5 it is.

  7. um…is it just me or did like nothing happen in this issue. 

  8. I loved this issue.  I completely agree with glwarm that nothing happened, but it just felt like the perfect transition from Dark Reign into something new.  It wasn’t drastic, it wasn’t full of action, it was just a reflection on what had happened and thoughts about what might happen.  Really sentimental, could have been hokey but I thought it straddled the line pretty well.

    After Siege which felt too abrubt and Fallen which felt…good but just kind of there, this was that easing out of Dark Reign into the Heroic Age that I was hoping for.

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