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The Manhunt continues as She-Hulk and Savage She-Hulk set their sights on two more fugitive members of The Intelligencia! Mad Thinker and Klaw can’t hide forever from the She-Hulk smackdown that’s coming their way! Plus, has Lyra already revealed her secret identity…to the meanest girl in school?

Guest starring The Incredible Hulk, this one’s going to be a real sonic blast!

Written by Harrison Wilcox
Art by Ryan Stegman
Cover by Ed McGuinness

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


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  1. Been a blast.  Lyra, along with Damian and Bleez, has gotta be one of my fave characters in comics right now.

  2. Man I wish this wasn’t a mini. I just hope this does well enough to get a new ongoing.

  3. Not even two She Hulks can make a book survive! Been a long time Shulkie fan and hate it each time her book gets canceled. And this time it was faster than ever! From ongoing to mini series! To bad too, this was a great book…or at least could’ve been before it was cut short before it was even given the chance.

    (should’ve put Deadpool on the cover, it would’ve sold then)

  4. @JoeCom  This was ORIGINALLY an on-going but advanced orders were so low that it wa changed to a mini.

  5. How do we as readers keep a book like this ( and countless other cancelled/commuted titles) from being cancelled, short of buying a ton of copies?

    I would also like to have seen this carry on, but alas, its seems she-hulk is not popular enough!

  6. Fun, great looking stuff. While I lament the ongoing that could’ve been, really I’m just glad we’re getting this much.

  7. As fun as ever, love how Wilcox is able to mix in the high school stuff still.  The art was even better too, Stegman has really warmed up.

  8. This is my favorite type of comic, piles of fun and great art.

  9. I love this comic.  I really don’t want issue 4 to be the last issue. 

  10. yea i read issues 1,2 and just now issue 3.I must say i really like this series so far.Reminds of Dan Slott’s run on She-Hulk.I thought he did a great job there.Writing and art is great on this book.She-Hulk has always been on of my favorite heroines,right there with Power Girl and Ms. Marvel to some degree,still like the old Rogue to btw.So it was going to be a regular but sales were to low so Marvel made it a mini series? that really sucks,Lyra and Jen characters were made so great together and Wilcox is another Dan Slott when it comes to making characters as well as taking a spin on other characters we now.Wilcox version of the Hulk is great and i just hope enough people give this series a chance.Every time She-Hulk gets a good book going it gets canceled,hope Marvel sees the light and let’s it continue. any responses? ty

  11. hi again.Jusr realized one of the reasons that issues  1 and 2 probably did not sell that good.The Coverof both issues is some thing that caught my attention.Did not realize until now.On both covers,why does Lyra look like a little kid? That might be a reason some people were turned of by the comic before actually reading it.When i seen these 2 issues i was not at all interested until i actually them and must say they both were great.Stegman’s art is awesome!! Best looking as sexiest version of Jen Walters i have ever seen in a long time.I’m talking about just plain old Jen,not She-Hulk mind u.He makes Lyra look good too.his art is great and let’s see what happens.sorry for another post,just wanted to put in my thoughts, ty

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