As the gathered heroes continue their assault on Daredevil’s stronghold, Moon Knight is on a quest for the one artifact capable of defeating the Beast, the dark spirit currently controlling Daredevil. Standing in his way is the evil Shadow Knight, Khonshu’s new avatar and he’s determined to beat Moon Knight to the punch. But Moon Knight knows he cannot fail and he’s willing to do anything, even kill, to ensure Shadow Knight’s defeat.

WRITER: Gregg Hurwitz
ARTIST: Bong Dazo
COVER: Francesco Mattina

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Can’t bring myself to care about this and I’m not one to watch a trainwreck. Dropped

  2. I liked the moon knight ongoing but I just can’t bring myself to care much and I have a lot of books this week. Un-pulled.

  3. Still can’t believe the depths this title sank to in the hands of Hurwitz and the departure of Opena. From pedantic writing and concepts, to bottom of the barrel art, this title has truly been one of the worst things in comics for almost a year now. Hopefully Bendis can pull Spector out of the muck.

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