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The final battle for the soul of New York erupts in Hell’s Kitchen, and Daredevil is on the front lines…Hell, he IS the front line! Backed by the full power of the Hand, Daredevil is now more than a match for New York’s strongest heroes. With a new right-hand man, Matt Murdock will finally show those who stand against him what it truly means to be a Man Without Fear!


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  1. Lol cover.

  2. Ha that’s the worst cover of them all…

     As this curse upon Daredevil continues, I guess I can take solace knowing it will finally be over next month. Andy Diggle why?!

  3. Ugh is this crap over yet?

  4. Cover looks awful, but I will continue until the end…DD:Reborn does have me interested though.

  5. That’s Cassaday’s reaction after he finishes.

  6. …but only if you put The Drummer’s hair on him first.

    cover aside, I, for one, am enjoying this. it’s a sure bet that bringing Bullseye back to life will backfire on Daredevil, and I can’t wait to see it.

  7. Well, technically it isn’t Daredevil making the decisions, but I agree that this will backfire horribly.

  8. @vadamowens- which is why it will be even worse.  and really, Bullseye’s presence will be bad for everybody.

  9. What on earth has happened to Cassaday? The last 10 or so covers of his I’ve seen have been borderline terrible.

  10. After this I think I am done with Daredevil for awhile.

  11. Some of the ideas for Shadowland are great, but the execution is just going terribly. The tie-ins are the best part because they don’t have Daredevil and White Tiger speaking in their stilted stereotype villain speech. And way too much is happening just to set up stuff happening in the Tie-ins. 

    Also the most important issue by far was the Ghost Rider One Shot. That should just not be the case. Not without at least SOME build up for the book. 

  12. I was psyched for Shadowland.  I thought the solicits looked really good.  Now I’m just along to finish it off.

  13. The covers don’t bother me near as much as the bland interiors. Total fanboy dreck — no sense of design or storytelling ability. The art in Daredevil is much stronger.

  14. I am really excited about having the Black Panther take over for a while.  I think it’s a good think to get some perspective on where things are going, hope Diggle has a good plan.  If not, there will be another reboot in a couple of years anyway.

  15. @devildog Try two months. Daredevil Reborn set for January.

  16. First Dracula, and now Bullseye, sup with the MarvelU bringing back their most evil doers? 

    All you need to do is flip through this to see what happens, not much depth to this series, and the only tie-in I’m following is Daughters of the Shadow, cus I’m a suker for ninja girls.

  17. Pink/Purple energy! Ron’s favorite!

  18. Wait a minute… I think I got the wrong iFanboy. Conor’s the one who really hates the generic engergy powers.

    Its just getting sad now. Feels like an event from the 90’s 

  19. We finally have a pretty good Shadowland issue! I LOVE that Elektra is finally getting some page time(?) and some good action scenes. Spidey actually had some good quips the one about Ekeltra writing greeting cards and the "you can’t burn what you can’t see" line made me laught out loud. The awful cover and the occasional facepalm-worthy dialogue (Master Izo saying "…and soon its ridiculously evil power will envelop the world") took some points off but I feel like the good writer in Diggle is finally coming out to write some DD. Things are starting to look up.

  20. This was a trainwreck.

    I did not like the art.  The action scenes were handled well, but everything else was at best boring, and at worst badly designed.

    The writing was so so very bad.  This is the absolute worst way to tell a cross-over story.  I am not getting any of the tie ins, so I am completely lost as to what is happening with many of the minor characters.  From what I understand, I am also missing out on what is happening with the main characters as well, but it is much more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff as opposed to Moon Knight and Ghost Rider just vanishing.  

    Also, Elektra says that they cannot just kill DD, but then that is exactly what the plan is??  Did I miss something?  Seriously, I am asking if I did because I am not going to pick it back up and find out for myself.  I do not understand why they would have Punisher with and then just totally neuter him.  And Wolvie showing up seemed just ridiculous.

    The good news is that this has gotten so bad that I am now enjoying it for its badness.  The bad news is that once this is over with, it will be hard for Marvel to get me to shell out $ for another book along these lines.

  21. I’m 39. I have spent nearly 3/4 of my life reading DD comics. At this point, I have never wanted to arrive at a future point in time like I do now. #513, I need you now! Black Panther, man without fear? Sure, just not this Fall From Grace part 2.

  22. I want to know what Kingpin’s endgame is.

  23. @RolandoofGilead I’m in the same boat and I couldn’t agree more. Just want to put this in the rearview.  I have stopped being concerned about Black Panther taking over the book because I know it’s not permanent and DD will be back eventually.

    What gets my goat is the fact that Daredevil has been consistently good for over a decade and the way that streak goes out is with SUCH a huge drop in quality that it’s embarrassing.

    The funny thing is, the issues outside of the main Shadowland title have generally been enjoyable and even good.  But this main book has progressively gotten worse with every issue.  For a longtime DD reader, this is depressing and maddening.

    Anyone else recall "Ghostbusters" at the end?  There is no Dana, there is only ZUUL!  I chuckled.

  24. Nice catch JMS74. I agree that the first 3 were embarrassing but I thought this one was much better (clearly not even close to the last several years of DD). And the regular DD book has beeen pretty good considering everything. I too am looking forward to having Shadowland behind us and will be more wary about any DD events (if they even do more).

  25. Oddly enough i’m not reading this series, but I’m reading Daredevil. I’m digging how supporting characters are more front and center than Daredevil on his own title. At least until this endless event-schlock is over with.

     I mean who doesn’t love them some Foggy Nelson? 

  26. @waltkellysghost I would probably enjoy this more if I was just reading Daredevil like you. It is at least competent.

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