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  1. nickfury would spank you silly for being such a bitch… if he actually exsisted

  2. Leather monkey suit and big guns, looks kind of gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that. I guess he would like spanking.

  3. oh jeez, are you really go out on a limb and saying musclar dudes in spandex are kind of gay? that’s bold. i don’t think anyone’s come to that conclusion before…. and that’s why you need a Nick fury slap. 🙂

  4. I don’t think its gay…..he does look really freaking sexy in that suit though……wait oh crap.

  5. i absolutely refuse to accept i’m in denial

  6. No just Nick Fury. I heared he lost his eye in a spanking orgy accident.

     Joking aside. Is the serie any good? I’m on the fence with this one

  7. this book is just barely good enough to make me want to read the next. just barely….

  8. @TopGun I totally agree, when I saw it was coming out I was contimplating getting it or not. 

  9. @ecthelion – I doubt it will be but i’m Hoping that this is the issue that breaks that association with this book and kicks it into the badass realm and makes me actually care

  10. @emacor – I’ve been enjoying it, but I wouldn’t say it’s a standout book or anything like that.  I was a big fan of Hickman’s Image stuff, so I followed him to here and DR: Fantastic Four as well.  If you’re interested in checking out some of Hickman’s Marvel stuff, I would say get the DR:FF trade when it hits, or track down the back issues.  Great stuff.

  11. I’ve been enjoying this book alot, especially the last issue. However I’m enjoying the Fury/ex-SHIELD agents plot better than the plot following the kids (I don’t even remember there names!) So I wonder, when Dark Reign is over and done, do you think Fury will take all these ex-agents and create a new orginization like SHIELD? Possibly give it a name with an accronym that doesn’t keep changing?

  12. Now that Capt. Britain is on its way out, It’s maybe my favorite Marvel book right now.

  13. Last issue was STRONG.  I’m just waiting for the powder keg to blow. 

  14. One of my favorite Marvel books for sure. Completely worth it.

    Nick Fury is the greatest.

  15. I really wonder how long this book will last.  Does it just become a Nick Fury solo book with the team/ex-SHIELD agents as support players? Or will Hickman actually get some mileage out of the new characters? Or will it just get canceled after 12-15 issues?

  16. It’s been a solid first arc. The art is brilliant and the story has been strong. Keen to see where they take all the threads.

  17. DITTO Kwisdumb!  I can’t wait to get this book today. 

  18. Best new series eh? Way to stick it to Dark Avengers!

  19. @miyamotofreak – DARK AVENGERS is just the penultimate best new series.

    This was good. Not as good as the last issue, but worthy of 4-stars all the way. It seemed a little short to me, but I think that works in a book like this. The coloring I wasn’t a big fan of, but Nick Fury, as always, is a badass. 4/5.

  20. Really liked this.  That last two page spread was badass.  Caselli is great.

  21. That two-pager towards the beginning, where you can just see the helicopters coming in towards the helicarrier is just beautiful.

  22. I like how Hickman is making the recap page fun, like the Dugan quote.  If memory serves correctly he’s done different things previously.

  23. Wow. Wow, this may be the POW for me. Loved the narative.


  24. I loved the pencils, but didn’t care for the colouring, which was too bad.  Otherwise, this book continues to build.  I’m still waiting for the A-HA! moment which I think we’ll be seeing next issue…  Even if not.. well.. how bad-ass was Dugan in this issue!?  That was AWESOME!

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