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This is the showdown you’ve been waiting for, as two Secret Six teams head for a nasty collision! Who is left standing, and will there even be a Secret Six when the dust settles? Bad guy guests galore in this explosive issue!

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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  1. Ha!  I love this cover.

  2. Ditto!  Cover of the Week!

  3. And will there be any explanation for last issue? I enjoyed it, but the odd "Is this really happening?" vibe was a bit off putting.

  4. @JimBilly4  What you said.

  5. Are you guys serious? No there will not be an explanation, it was just a damn fun story that took place in the old west. Who the hell cares why it happened, it just did. Attempting to makes sense of it will just fuck it all up.

  6. I think the last issue was just a one-shot, "what if these characters were around in the old west" thing.

  7. This is one of the top 5 books out there!

  8. I might be in the minority but I think the cover is lame. Looks flat.

  9. I wonder what code I need to put in to get Noob or Smoke?

  10. I think Gail Simone had been playing Red Dead Redemption & just wanted to do an awesome western issue. Nothing else is explained in DC these days, so she just didn’t bother to try.

  11. You can always spot a newbie because they always select Bane and then never block.

  12. Damn Jim Calafiore! I love Gail Simone, I loved the Villains Unitied mini from which this series spawned all those years ago, I wanna give it a try… and they put one of my least favorite artists of ever on the book! I actually tried to buy it last month, flipped through and had to put it back. Get a new artist and I’m in like Flint, but Jim ain’t doin’ it for me.

    Oh god, I hope he doesn’t visit the site…

  13. @kthx:  I just about spit coffee on my work computer when I read that…

  14. last issue was so soWHAT but decent, I look for thingf to get back to awesome with this arc, Dwarfstar is an interesting addition and I cant wait to see how this plays out.

  15. @kthx:  yea, that was good…Bane would be like Zangief I guess, Ragdoll would be like Dhalsim, etc.

  16. I don’t actually want an explanation of last issue (it was all a dream of ragdoll…yikes) It just hit me as weird there was no note, endword, hint, nothing what the hell was going on. So I spent 22 pages reading the story and trying to figure out what was going on at the same time. It detracted from the story for me. A one line caption at the front telling me to not worry about it would have avoided that.

    It was not a big deal. Gail wanted to just drop it on us and have us deal. I get it. It just hurt my personal reading experience a bit, which may say more about me than Gail’s writing choices.

  17. I had been dragging my feet to dive into secret six. I had heard good things, but in typical comic fasion I wanted to get in on the start and just never had time to go back to the beginning. But here was the first issue of the arc and I just jumped on and loved it.

  18. So this is a good time to star in Secret Six? i had heard a great things about this and i´m excited.

  19. Its the first issue of an arc.. so in asmuch as any first issue of an arc is a good jumping on point.

  20. While I normally am a big fan of Simone’s…and have no particular gripe with this issue, I think I’m kind of over this  trend of creating two separate factions of teams vying for the same name.   Its one thing to have Avengers and West Coast Avengers…. or even however they’re splitting the Titans these days, but I’m kind of sick of having the Avengers vs the Mighty Avengers….    and two groups fighting over the Outsiders name….and now two groups fighting over the Secret Six name…   Even how they’re having competing factions of the JSA now…enough already!

  21. I think I might be done with Secret Six.  I’m a big Gail Simone fan, but I felt like the last issue ripped me off (call a one-shot a one-shot.  It wasn’t in continuity and will never be mentioned again.  Nothing wrong with that if I know what I’m buying, but I didn’t), and this one feels like a retread of a plot we’ve seen too many times already.  Half the team is divided against the other half and Catman is depressed.  I guess I feel like combined with last month’s non-issue any momemtum this book had is dead.  Maybe I’ll give the next arc a try.

  22. I’m not worried about last issue being explained, call it a one-shot, an Elseworlds, dream sequence or whatever, it doesn’t worry me because it was GOOD. But, I would like THIS issue explained … I was lost reading this. Felt like I’d missed 2 or 3 issues, but I haven’t o_O

  23. Disjointed and odd. Not up to the usual awesome.

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