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This isn’t just a Catman story; it’s THE Catman story, as Thomas Blake continues his bloody trail of vengeance tracking the man who took away the only thing he ever cared about! Not for the faint-hearted! Also, Black Alice vs. Scandal Savage for the right to remain in the Secret Six!

Written by GAIL SIMONE

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I love that cover.

  2. What is up with the tiny tree frog? Does it mean something or just random voodu? I fear poor Cat is going off the deep end here, but it is still not totally clear why somebody decided to mess with him in this way. But its not the destination (or starting point, in this case) but the journey.

  3. I hope that frog gets a starring role in this comic.

  4. Sweet

  5. Just fantastic stuff. I love Gail Simone. That Estrogan line was hilarious. It reads like something Mark Millar would write.

  6. every month is great no bad issues yet ,keep it up gail

  7. Another rocking issue. Simone always hits it out of the park on this book. Remind me never to piss of Catman. I really like the character devlopment we’re getting on Blake. We get plenty on the good guys, but I don’t think we get enough on the events that shape why someone becomes a "villain." It’s too easy to just label them "insane" or "evil" and be done with it. By providing these details, Gail makes you care about this motley crew of B-listers.

    I still think the name "Catman" is silly, but what are you gonna do? 🙂

  8. Super-freaking awesome. But what of the frog? They left the tree frog thread just hanging!

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