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  1. love that cover

  2. Really creepy cover. I’m sad that we don’t get Nicola Scott for a few months (Damn you Blackest Night: Wonder Woman!!!) but will do my best to cope. Last issue showed me this book can still be quite amazing, so I’m not too worried.

  3. Yeah, no Nicola Scott (woo Aussie!) for a few months is bad news, especially since BN Wonder Woman #1 wasn’t very good (hopefully it improves).

    Gotta agree with oldmanlogan88 — that cover is NICE! 

  4. Her leg placement doesn’t match her hip placement. Looks like there’s an invisible woman sitting next to her with one leg showing.

    Is that her power?

  5. It almost is. She can take on the powers and body shape of other magical beings.   Maybe she is channeling a demon with rubber hips.

  6. This was a great story, but the art was shaky. For the most part it was fine, but panels were off and the character models were not consistent at all. 4/5 for me, because of the art.

  7. I take back what i said about the cover being nice. Looks different when holding it, I’m not a fan of that photo-rendering style (or whatever it’s called).

    Great issue though … story-wise. Like @drake said, the art was a let down, but the story was highly entertaining. Simone is so good at mixing comedy with dark dark stuff, & her dialogue is top notch.

  8. I’m not a fan of this Black Alice, a bit to over powered for me.  The book is still top 5 and maybe its a prejudice againt Alice, but this story rather annoyed me.

  9. I pity any artist who has to follow Nicola Scott. Let’s give these guys a break!

    The cover was gorgeous, and since I don’t know much about Black Alice right now, I’m still intrigued.

  10. Great Black Alice story and I loved the art myself.

  11. Black Alice is the only reason I picked this up.  I love her character (overpowered and all).  She was a great magical character until that whole part of the DCU died. 

    Bring back Shadowpact!!!!

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