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  1. I love Gail Simone even if she wont be my friend on myspACE.

    Secret Six is my favorite comic that I bought just because I wanted to try somthing with villians featured.

     I love the deatail put in this book, last Issue Savage put Bane’s camode seat back up after she used it, talk about the lil things that matter, what a cool team book.

  2. Jumped on at eight, felt like I needed back story, so I was on the fence.  Nine was my POW and easily the best BftC tie in, so I was in love.  Ten was kinda boring so now I’m back on the fence, and for some reason I’m getting the feeling that I’m not going to have a good time with this issue either…

  3. And I think this issue’s going to crank up the intensity.

  4. Looking forward to this!  Since issue #8, this series has been amazing!  Plus, am I the only one who wants to see more of Ragdoll’s monkies?

  5. *monkeys 🙂

  6. @Slockhart   if you did not like issue number ten then you should save your money.

  7. @ rockingeek  I’m with you this arc looks AWESOME.

  8. @Reform

    Apparently I gave ten a 4/5, but I can’t remember a single thing that happened… 

  9. Ha hA that’s funny  Slockhart,  you just gave me a good laugh.

    It was a 4/5 for sure you should get #11 then because this arc looks hardcore to me,

    the team will split the question is will they get back or stay apart and replace a few slots in the six.

    (Gail writes) Wonder Woman (and she) will be a part of this arc too and her part looks very interesting. 

    If you get a chance to skim or reread #10  I think then you might be a bit more excited for the new arc.

  10. @Itiscritical — I wanna see more monkeys always. In any comics, or just in my everyday life.

  11. This comic is so good it makes my uterus ache & I don’t even have one. Awesome issue.

  12. I like the one panel when they’re all eating dinner and Ragdoll’s area is all messy, Catman’s eating (raw?) meat, and Scandal’s plate is empty. Great stuff!

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