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  1. I’ve never liked this sort of cover shot.  Still, I’m psyched for a new storyline.

  2. What is this a crossover with X-Force or something?

  3. From what I understand, this issue is going to be dark, dark, dark.  The last two issues have been truly amazing one-shots, but I’m excited to see a new arc.  Gail Simone delivers every time!

  4. Can’t.  Wait.

  5. Started reading at issue 8, and I’m still not sold. Hopefully a good solid arc will help me get into this book.

  6. @Ruo21 – yeah, it took me a few issues to understand the hype. Once the characters grow on you though it’s so much fun.

     I just read issue #9 (yeah, I got behind this month). I always forget how much I love this book until it’s in my hands. I’ve rated the last two issues with a 5.

  7. #1 was pretty good, but I was hooked after reading #2.  To each his/her own

  8. This issue was BRUTAL and nearly perfect!  Not many laughs, but great characterization!  I like Bane more and more every issue he’s in (and apparently, so does Scandal…)!

  9. It is almost like Gail Simone listened to Josh’s complaints from the video show and took out all the jokeyness and replaced it with seriousness and heartache.

  10. I’m influential like that.

  11. Yeah, but I LIKED the jokeyness. This issue was nearly traumatizing. Which is not to say it was bad, but, yeah. I need the lulz right now.

  12. Solid issue.  I loved the Bane and Scandal scene.  Creepy and charming at the same time. 

  13. Reading through this again and I love it even more.  I love how this book has that effect on me. 

    Also, the page where Catman leaps out of the plane to claw some douches, in the 2nd to last panel you can see Bane is about to break someone else’s back.  Hilarious.  His fetish for breaking backs is ridiculously awesome.  Love it

  14. @drake: Thanks for pointing out that scene w/ Bane about to break someone’s spine!  Somehow I missed it.  I was focused too much on the scene where he was beating someone to death with the own arm.

    And, is it just me, or was Giuana totally awesome?  I kind of want her to be part of the Secret Six, but there’s no one I would want her to replace!

    Oh, and can anyone tell me what the heck Jeannette did to the guy with the rocket launcher?  Is she throwing something or causing something to blow up?  I didn’t get it…

  15. I gave this a shot and read 2 issues, but it’s just not working for me.  I can see the appeal, but not for me.

  16. And still the mystery remains…. why wasn’t she wearing any underpants???

  17. Another great issue in one of DC’s top 2 or 3 books.

  18. Not quite as good as issue 9.

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