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  1. my god i thought this was 3 of 3? what the hell? why must i care about the x-men again. Damn you Fraction and Brubaker. You brought me into this crap

  2. I’m buying this purely because Dazzler is on the cover.  She doesn’t get many covers anymore…

  3. I’m just waiting for the moment when Emma goes "Screw this. I’m joining the Dark Avengers!"

  4. The art was NOT done by Cary Nord in this issue… his work was a little bland on the last couple issues…. but this is just no good. I wish they’d get Dodson to do more interiors… he should do this AND Uncanny! Put Greg land on some out-of-continuity miniseries.

  5. the art work in this issue was really stiff and nonexpressive.

  6. Wow…what a waste of $12 this series has been….

  7. @whitespyder9, if they put land on an out of continuity mini series, thatll just guarantee that it wont sell. by putting him on a flagship monthly title, quesada can make sure we faithful keep buying his garbage "art" and feeding land’s family (or whatever…)

    personally, i enjoy cary nord’s art, and this artist, while similar, just didnt cut the mustard for me. 

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