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  1. So far, one of the better SI tie ins…

  2. agreed, i loved how in a city with no super heroes(presumably) the skrulls invade like a proper army

  3. I found the first issue of this really uninteresting.  I doubt I’ll pick this one up unless I hear great things.

  4. @ohcaroline: This issue was quite good. Cyclops’s leadership was enough to make this exciting. My only hangup was the art, which I found bland.

  5. Jup, I agree with coltrane the art wasn’t mindbending it just conduced it’s purpose. As for the story I like where they are going with this, but still I don’t like that the X-Men always have to be the outsider instead of being in the big books…

     Spoiler!: What’s up with Angel in this book? I didn’t understand why he looked different the second time he appeared.

  6. yeah I understand the trasformation that happen in X-force (from angel to archangel back to angel) in a matter of days perhaps but how can both be in the same issue???

    besides that the issue was pretty good. 

  7. This issue blew my socks off! Some great X-Action, Cyclops called the team "people" (as in ‘let’s move it people’), and the ruthlessness of the team in acquiring a skrull tissue sample was great to see to. I really got the feeling that the X-Men aren’t screwing around here.

  8. I’m also confused by the angel/archangel in this book.  Hopefully this is addressed in a later issue, cause as of now it makes zero sense.

  9. I don’t read x-force but I’m guessing one of the Angels is a skrull or somebody goofed and put both Angel/Archangel in.  Somebody who reads x-force wanna clue us in want happened with Angel?

  10. I do read X-Force, and I highly recommend that you all pick it up.  I was thoroughly confused by Angel, and then Archangel showing up with the rest of X-Force.  At the end of the last issue of X-Force (#6), Archangel reverted back to Angel and was lying in bed with natural wings fully grown.  Wolverine is quoted as saying that Warren is himself for now, "for good" (we all know that never lasts), but he can still feel the metal wings inside of him.  What I think happened was a gross oversight on Marvel editors, as Cyclops repeatedly tells his team about it being too late for a Skrull infiltration.  Even Warpath seems to evade the question asked about "the new guy."  So perhaps it was caught, but was ignored regardless.  I’d be really happy with an explanation of how that happened, but I doubt we’ll get one.

  11. So it was not a gross oversight, just a poor segway to all that was "explained" in the next X-Force issue.

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